4CReview: WWE Main Event (2/14/2015)

by Billy Carpenter (@4CR_Billy)


*All videos via WWE’s YouTube channel*


All amped up for this week’s Main Event, featuring a much touted match between Sin Cara & Cesaro. Reminder,  for those who may not know, Main Event is airing on Hulu Plus for the time being here in the States.

The Ascension are out first to kick off Main Event. Meh. JBL & Tom Brennan are on the call this week, don’t think I’ve heard them together yet.

THE ASCENSION vs…some guys

Seriously,  the didn’t even bother naming the jobbers. No matter, this was a quick squash. Fall of Man ends it in maybe 2 minutes.




WINNERS: The Ascension via pinfall

You know, this isn’t the worst thing to do with The Ascension. Have them beat random, nameless foes and build them the old school way.

Recap of Triple H and his woes with the man called Sting.

Naomi makes her way out next. She’ll be doing battle against Natalya after this commercial break!


Before the match starts, we get a replay of the hilarious dinner segment from SD! with Jimmy Uso, Naomi, Natalya, Tyson Kidd and Cesaro. They shake hands and here we go…both ladies counter each others wristlocks before Nattie grabs a side headlock. Shoulder block takedown and an abdominal stretch keep Nattie in control. Naomi fights out and cinches in one of her own, but Nattie reverses and locks in the hold yet again. Arm drag by Naomi,  who follows it up with that head scissors/ass shaking thing. Naomi tries to follow it up with a reverse cradle but Nattie drops her to the mat. Roll up reversals from both, Nattie looking for the back slide but Naomi flips through and gets a small package for the win!




WINNER: Naomi via pinfall

Nattie and Naomi look to put the tension behind them and they dance post-match. God, the Natalya heel turn could be glorious when it goes down (it’s happening).

The RAW Rebound recaps Daniel Bryan & Roman Reigns fragile alliance through out the show against The Authority.

Also from RAW,  things heat up between Rusev & John Cena.

Here we go! The match that has the Internet buzzing this week is up now, as Sin Cara makes his way out. Cesaro is out next, now let’s see if this truly delivers#


Both men feeling each other out and Cesaro grabs a headlock but quickly gets tossed off. Big arm drag from Cara and these guys are putting some beautiful counters together here. Cesaro with a shoulder block but Sin Cara hits another nice armdrag…spinning head scissors takes Cesaro out to the floor! We’ve got a stalemate as we head to break…

…back to the match, and Cesaro has control with a knuckle lock. Sin Cara counters up with a high sunset flip for 2. Springboard headbutt also gets 2. Cara looks to charge into the corner but Cesaro moves and Sin Cara hits the post. Cesaro punishing the arm of Sin Cara, but Cara is able to counter with a reverse roll up for 2. He is stopped rather suddenly by a big boot though and Cesaro regains control. He follows with a series of elbows to the face and goes back to work on the arm. Sin Cara tries to fight back but gets tossed outside. Back in now and the arm work continues. Sin Cara is able to counter a lift into a hurricanrana before heading up top. He gets rocked with a big uppercut though and falls to the outside…double gut stomp from the apron! Sin Cara gets back in at the count of 9 and Cesaro gets another armbar. Gutwrench suplex gets 2 and Cesaro clamps on the rings of Saturn as we go to break…

…Cesaro still in control as we come back to Main Event. Sin Cara comes back with another sunset flip. Monkey flip sends Cesaro outside…suicide dive into an armdrag into the guardrail by Sin Cara! Cross body off the top gets 2! Sin Cara looking for an armbar but can’t quite get it. LA MISTICA!  Holy shit, this match.  Cesaro rolls out and catches Son Cara on the top rope. He goes up but gets kicked in the face…hurricanrana attempt blocked. TOP ROPE RICOLA BOMB REVERSED INTO A HURRICANRANA FOR 2! Cara back up top but Cesaro knocks him off. Cesaro places him back on the turnbuckle and hits the uppercut. Superplex attempt stopped,  Sin Cara gets ROCKED with an uppercut coming off the top! NEUTRALIZER and that’s all she wrote!




WINNER: Cesaro via pinfall

This needs to be watched ASAP. Phenomenal stuff that will surely get forgotten about as the year goes on. Cesaro was Cesaro and Sin Cara had his best match ever. Just great wrestling.

Very easily recommending Main Event this week if you have the means to watch it. If you don’t have Hulu Plus, I’m sure there’s a way to find it online somewhere. Easiest non-NXT hour of wrestling to watch that WWE has put out in a while.


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