4CReview: WWE Superstars (2/13/2015)

by Billy Carpenter (@4CR_Billy)




Byron Saxton & Rich Brennan welcome us to the show as Jack Swagger makes his way out for the opening match. His opponent this week–Titus O’Neil! (URAHURAHURAH)


Swagger gets the early advantage, getting a go-behind and paint brushing Titus. Swagger hits a belly to belly before getting caught with a big boot. Shoulder blocks in the corner followed by a body slam by Titus. Swagger fights out of an arm bar and gets a high angle slam. Front chop block by Swagger and he’s rolling now. Swaggerbomb attempt but Titus gets the foot up–Swagger counters that and looks for the Patriot Lock! Titus is able to send Jack into the second turnbuckle and hits the Clash of the Titus off the ropes for the victory!




WINNER: Titus O’Neil via pinfall

From last Monday’s RAW, Roman Reigns & Daniel Bryan converse before The Authority interjects and makes a tag match pitting them against Kane & Big Show. Shenanigans abound and we get some tension between Roman & Daniel. Do you like how they’ve been building to the Fast Lane match? How about Reigns’ booking since the Rumble, do you feel better about his spot in the company now compared to a few weeks ago?

Also from RAW, Rusev promises to crush John Cena’s spirit at Fast Lane. Cena comes out for the rebuttal and it was…interesting. So are we going with Cena as “grizzled old vet” now? Or was this tongue-in-cheek based off of Rusev’s promo?

A recap of the issues between Sting & Triple H. Are you excited for the probable match at WrestleMania this year based off of what you’ve seen so far?

Main event time on Superstars, as R-Truth raps his way out. He’s taking on Luke Harper this week


Truth using his speed advantage and gets the upper hand early. Spinning head scissors by Truth and then he low bridges Harper to send him outside as we go to break…

Back to action and Harper is working over Truth in the corner. Truth is able to counter and throw some blows of his own but gets caught with a superkick for 2. Catapult into the second rope by Harper gets another near fall. Truth fires back with a few right hands but a big boot stops him in his tracks. Harper goes into a reverse chinlock …Gator Roll into a side headlock! Truth’s bug eyed expressions are hilarious to me this week. Truth is finally able to fight out and hit a leaping sidekick. Luke charges into the corner but gets caught and Truth hits a second-rope dropkick for 2. Harper is on the ropes and R goes for the Lie Detector but gets tossed off–discus lariat from Harper and that’s all she wrote!




WINNER: Luke Harper via pinfall

We close out this week’s episode with a final look back at RAW and their main event, pitting Show/Kane/Seth Rollins/J&J Security against Reigns & Bryan. Things break down and Erick Rowan, Dolph Ziggler & Ryback also get involved. All does not end well between Reigns & Bryan, even though they were victorious. Roman spears Bryan after yet another argument and he stands tall as we go off the air…


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