Hope Spots

Welcome to Hope Spots, celebrating those little things in wrestling that make me smile. This can be anything & everything from the wild & wacky world of wrestling, including (but not limited to) matches, shows, wrestlers, storylines moves or in this first case, rampant cheating.

I love the Green/Red/Poison Mist and all that employ this most blatant & obvious of illegal manoeuvres. From Great Kabuki, Great Muta, Tajiri and even KWANG! and (Lord) Tensai, the deadly mist is ludicrous on almost every level when analysed with any level of objectivity. It barely makes sense even within the twisted & liquid logic of wrestling rules, as a cheating technique it’s use is completely evident all across the face of the victim. Referees don’t exactly need the deduction skills of Sherlock Holmes (or Columbo, whose detective skills outclass Holmes’ at every turn and I will not be convinced otherwise) to see when the Poison Mist has been used in a match. There can only be one action that can be employed when trying to defend this most illogical of wrestling tropes and it’s perhaps the biggest reason why I love it so, and here it is:

Because it’s awesome.

A lot of why I like the mist has a lot to do with Great Muta himself, I’ve often felt the same affection for Muta that I do for the Undertaker. The facepaint, the demonic character that is extremely cartoon-like & dramatic and an other worldly move ripped straight from a comic book or cartoon show (or a manga or anime in this case) all conspire to make a very memorable character and the Mist is a huge piece of that puzzle.

Employed during a match the Poison Mist is sudden and effective, always drawing a cheer and enthralled gasp from crowds the world over. Employed as a taunt the Mist is a fabulous visual display as it sprays from the mouth hanging in the air for just a few seconds or covering the face of an opponent, it means that the Mist always looks amazing however and by whomever it is used.

I wonder what the Mist is made of? Is it a noxious mix of herbs and poisonous plants, their effects discovered long ago by mysterious chemists and employed by assassins & shadowy organisations for millenia? Is it naturally produced by special gifted individuals born with a genetic quirk that marks them as superhuman? Or is it just some food colouring in a balloon? Whatever the reality the Poison Mist is one of those stupidly awesome little affectations that I love about wrestling, as much fun as it is to watch wrestling be super serious and heated (and believe me it can be a LOT of fun) I will always have a special place in my heart for silly, logic defying schlock such as the Poison Mist. It isn’t for everyone I’ll admit, but it is for me, and it always has & always will make me smile.

Martin Dixon (@BunnySuicida)


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