Thank You, Jimmy

by Lane Smith (@lanesmith_)


(Header image via AAW’s Facebook page)

A week or so ago I was browsing around on twitter and saw that ROH had announced ACH vs Jimmy Jacobs for their Conquest Tour show in Chicago and sent out a tweet saying I was excited for the match. A few minutes later I got a text message from a friend telling me that Jimmy Jacobs had signed with the WWE. At first I couldn’t believe it but after having all the details explained to me I was excited for everyone else to find out a few days later when the news broke out on the “dirt sheets.” Now that Jimmy Jacobs independent career is winding down I realize just how big a blow to me this is.
Jimmy wasn’t signed to be a in ring talent or even a manager. He has been signed to be a part of the WWE creative department and while I am excited for him to bring his creativity and knowledge to the tumblr_lj94cywlGF1qdaax5o1_500WWE I can’t help that feel that we are losing a special in ring talent. I have known of Jimmy Jacobs since 2007 when he and Tyler Black debuted in Wrestling Society X as the team  Doing It For Her. I became a fan of both men instantly do to the gimmick and then do to their in ring work. I wanted to find out more about Jimmy Jacobs so after browsing around on the net for a bit I bought his Best on The Indies tape from Smart Mark Video. I got to see everything from him doing his Huss character to Bull Pain beating the piss out of him in a steel cage to Jimmy beating the piss out of a young Tyler Black. He was growing on me with every match. Later on ROH released a series of retail dvds and on one of those dvds a match between BJ Whitmer and Jimmy Jacobs inside of a steel cage was featured. I watched that match on a portable dvd player while on my way to Missouri and lost my mind at the spectacle I saw. It still remains my favorite cage match of all time and one of my favorite matches I have seen. I gained a ton of respect for both men after reading about the injuries both had suffered from the match.
A few months go by and ROH now has a deal where they will tape ppvs and different on demand services will air these taped ppvs. I ordered all of them but the one that stood out to me the most was the “Man Up.” event. It was a fun show that was capped off by a crazy ladder match between The Briscoe Brothers and El Generico & Kevin Steen. What happened after that match though still remains jimmyone of the best segments I have seen in professional wrestling. Jimmy Jacobs, The Necro Butcher, Tyler Black, and Lacey all came from the crowd and beat down the Briscoes. They then tied a chain around the feet of Jay Briscoe and hung him upside down from the rafters as Jimmy Jacobs dressed in all white began to cut a promo announcing The Age of The Fall as blood from Jay Brisoces head rained down onto him. It still remains one of the best visuals I have seen.
It’s occurred to me while writing this article just how influential Jimmy Jacobs has been to my fandom for indy wrestling. He has been the cornerstone to a lot of things I considered got me hooked such as the previously mentioned cage match and the the Age of The Fall Debut but there was also a match Jimmy had with BJ Whitmer for IWA MS that put Jimmy on a whole new level to me. He and BJ had a beautiful no rope barbed wire match which featured great wrestling, brutal spots, and magnificent storytelling. After the match Jimmy cut a heartfelt promo and you could tell just how much he loved professional wrestling.
Throughout the years I followed his career and remained a fan. Then in 2013 it seemed like something clicked and Jimmy Jacobs was having great matches with everyone he stepped into the ring with. He could do no wrong. He was motivated and is showed through his in ring work and his promos but it felt like he never got that big chance to be a star. Now in March 2015 Jimmy is getting to the end of his in ring career and it’s leaving me both excited and sad. It didn’t hit me just how special Jimmy Jacobs was to the independent wrestling scene until it became clear he would be gone from it. In the past I’ve compared him to Jerry Lynn in that I feel he’s always been the bridesmaid but never the bride. He was always on the outside looking in while guys like Bryan Danielson and Tyler Black have gone on to have success in the WWE.
The whole point of this article was to say goodbye to Jimmy Jacobs as a in ring competitor and the truth is I am going to miss him. I am anxious for what the future holds for him as a member of the creative team but it saddens me to almost a embarrassing level that for now I am having to say goodbye to the man that got me hooked onto independent wrestling, who was the first indy wrestler to make me emotionally invest in a independent story line and match, and who made me buy my first ever independent wrestling t shirt. I’m having to say goodbye to the man that for a large part made me a life long fan of independent wrestling. I am going to miss seeing you perform and hearing you cut promos that I could sometimes relate to.
Thank you for everything you have done for me and other wrestling fans worldwide. I wish for you nothing but success in your new career.

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