4CReview: Lucha Underground (5/27/2015)

posted by Billy Carpenter 


Video package hyping up the two big matches tonight between Prince Puma & Hernandez for the title and the returning Mil Muertes vs Fenix in a deathmatch! High hopes for this show, let’s get to it!

Kicking things off with Aerostar taking on Johnny Mundo? This could be a lot of fun…


Johnny bullies Aerostar a little to start but Aero fires back with some swank offense, including a 619 over the top rope. Johnny is fine with just kicking and stomping away until Aero regains the advantage. Step up somersault plancha over the top to the floor by Aerostar! Mundo takes control back rather quickly and hits a backbreaker/leg sweep combo for 2. Back to the punches for Johnny who then locks in an arm-clutch choke. Aerostar fights back though and hits a flying double knee for 2. Advantage is again short lived, but Aerostar stops the End of the World. Mundo goes for a springboard kick but misses…Aero looking for a tilt-a-whirl DDT but Johnny launches him with a release Northern Lights! END OF THE WORLD and that does it for Aerostar.

Vampiro has his weekly sit down interview; this week it’s Sexy Star. They talk about the feud with Pentagon Jr. and apparently there’s a submission match coming up between the two.



Of course, there’s a commercial before the start of the match. Catch the Brave Archer trilogy this Saturday!  We come back and Hernandez catches a Rana from Puma and turns it into a reverse ocean cyclone suplex. Puma fires back with some dropkicks and hits the kneeling springboard senton. Crossbody gets 2. Hernandez is able to catch Puma coming off the ropes and regains the advantage. Double arm surfboard through the ropes followed by a cover for 2. Splash in the corner followed by a back senton from Hernandez. Sunset flip attempt by Puma though but it’s blocked by Hernandez. Cracker Jack attempt stopped and Puma gets an enziguri. Hernandez is able to get it the second time though for a near fall. Over the shoulder backbreaker also gets 2. Big sit out powerbomb from Hernandez gets another near fall. Hernandez looking for the Border Toss but Puma slides out…Hernandez POUNCES Puma through the ropes to the floor! Hernandez looking for a suicide dive but Puma cracks him with a chair in mid-flight! SPACE FLYING TIGER DROP by Puma! Even added a little extra corkscrew in there. Hernandez back up and hits the Border Toss into the apron. Goes for another one but Puma slides out…corkscrew moonsault off the barricade! Springboard 450 back in the ring and Puma gets a near fall! Back up top, Puma misses the 630! Hernandez hits a reverse crucifix slam for a near fall. Another Border Toss attempt but Puma goes for a sunset flip for 1. Hernandez is able to catch Puma in a powerslam but can’t connect with a top rope splash. Series of kicks by Puma gets a near fall.  Puma head back up top but he’s cut off…he’s able to fight off Hernandez and finally hit the 630 for the win! Good stuff.


Fenix dives right at Muertes but bounces right off. He tries it a second time and eats a nasty forearm shot on the way down. Mil is just mauling Fenix here. Muertes hits a nasty Chokeslam before going up top. Fenix is able to cut him off and kick him to the floor before hitting a massive Asai moonsault. Mil is up quickly though and clotheslines Fenix to the floor. NASTY chair shot to Fenix’s head. Mil continually rams Fenix’s head into the barricade but Fenix reverses…coupes de grace off the barricade to Mil! Back in the ring, Fenix hits some kicks but Mil just throws him back outside before hitting a top rope crossbody! Another unprotected chairshot to the head of Fenix, Jesus. Muertes puts Fenix on his shoulders and sprints up the stairs. They’re above Cueto’s office and MIL POWERBOMBS FENIX THROUGH THE ROOF!

Matt Striker sends us to commercial as the ref calls for someone to open the office door…

…the disciples of Mil bust down the door and carry Fenix back to the ring. One flatliner later and this match is history.

Before we go, we head backstage (?), to where Dario Cueto is with The Crew. And well…one of them died, I think. Really–he was offered up to Dario’s brother as punishment for them failing to win the trios title. Blood splattered everywhere a la your favorite B movie.  Alright then…

Solid episode of LU this week, minus the ‘WTF’ ending. Fun title defense from Puma, some heel progression from Johnny Mundo and a pretty good deathmatch. It wasn’t “Grave Consequences”, but it was still fun. I imagine there’ll be more between Fenix & Mil at some point, but it’ll be interesting to see what Mil does next. What about Prince Puma; who is his next challenger? And who in the HELL is Dario’s brother?!


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