4CReview: WWE Main Event (5/26/2015)

Posted by Billy Carpenter


Kicking off Main Event this week is the Primetime Players(#URAHURAHURAH)! They’re taking on Konnor & Viktor, The Ascension. Both teams involved in the upcoming Elimination Chamber match for the tag straps on Sunday, let’s see who gains some momentum…

The Ascension attack before the bell and are able to isolate Titus. It doesn’t last long as Titus catches Viktor and just tosses him aside. D-Young is in now and he’s a HOUSE OF FIRE! He hits the PAUL ORNDORFF WIND-UP FOREARM FOR A NEAR FALL. This is already match of the year, wrap it up. Viktor is able to get a blind tag though and Konnor kicks Young in the head. Slam gets a 2 count. Ascension cuts off the ring and quick tags help them maintain an advantage over Young. Young is able to finally hit a belly to back suplex & an overhead bell y to belly to tag in Titus. He handles both members of the Ascension and gets a powerslam on Konnor for 2. Clash of the Titus follows a few moments later and you can hit the music! #MILLIONSOFDOLLARS

Recap of the US Championship Open Challenge from Monday, where Zack Ryder got a chance to shine at the Nassau Coliseum one more time. Of course, Kevin Owens would show up post match and take out John Cena once again. Sunday can’t come soon enough.

Back to the show and Zack Ryder is out next. He’s taking on the OMRB, Heath Slater. Heath catches him at the bell but Ryder fights back. Zack hits the flapjack before sending Slater over the top with a clothesline. Heath is able to catch Zack coming back in though and gets a 2 count. Zack fights out of a chin lock but misses a dropkick. Zack fights our again and gets a facebuster. Missile dropkick from the second rope by Ryder. The Broski Boot gets a near fall! Rough Ryder attempt fails and Slater gets a reverse neckbreaker for 2. Suplex attempt by Heath but Zack flips out of it and hits the Rough Ryder for the win!

Back from commercial and Summer Rae is making her way out for action. Her opponent is the Divas champion, Nikki Bella. Armdrag by Nikki to start. Summer strikes back and hits a back elbow for a one count. Summer gets a chinlock momentarily until the champ fights out and hits a facebuster into her knee. Clotheslines by Nikki followed by springboard sidekick for 2. Rack Attack attempt stopped and Summer hits a spinning side kick for 2. The advantage is short lived though and Nikki gets the Rack Attack the second time around and gets the ‘W’.

Recap of Dean Ambrose and his chase for the contract to face Seth Rollins at Elimination Chamber from RAW.

BOLIEVERS REJOICE! Bo Dallas is out to do commentary for tonight’s main event.

Adam Rose says we never “got it”, so he got rid of the Rosebuds. He & Rosa get a little weird before his opponent, Neville, makes his way out. Some back & forth to start until Neville knocks Rose outside. Twisting plancha to the floor by Neville! Rosa cuts off Neville as he tries to get back in and Rose hits a dropkick to Neville’s bad knee as we go to break…

…Rose in control and working the knee as we come back to Main Event. Neville tries fighting back but Adam gets a dragon screw. He wraps Neville’s knee around the ring post and drives some forearms into Neville’s chest before covering for 2. Rose transitions into a single leg crab but Neville kicks his way out. Big flying kick from Rose gets a near fall. Version of the old Indian Deathlock by Rose. Neville makes it to the ropes ut gets slapped by Rosa and now the comeback is on. Big series of kicks and a flying forearm put Rose down. Standing SSP gets a near fall! Neville’s knee gives him troubles though and Rose hits a big spinebuster for 2. Looks like he’s setting up for the Party Foul but Neville gets a roll up for 2. Enziguri sets up the Red Arrow until Dallas jumps up on the apron. Superkick to Bo! Enziguri to Rose and the Red Arrow finishes off Adam Rose!

Post match, Neville fends off Bo Dallas and stands tall to close out this week’s Main Event!


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