Ring of Honor TV Recap (June 24, 2015)

posted by Billy Carpenter






Ring of Honor on Destination America (6/24/2015)


From the Ted Reeve Arena in Toronto, ON…


Nigel McGuiness joins Kevin Kelly & “King” Corino for commentary and we’re jumping right into the action!


“Mr. ROH” Roderick Strong vs Shinsuke Nakamura


Roddy grabs a wristlock to start, quick counter by Nak. Roddy escapes and goes into a hammerlock on the mat. Back to a top wristlock but Nak gets to the ropes. Roddy fires off a big chop before some back & forth. Kick by Roddy gets him the advantage and Roddy grabs a side headlock. Olympic Slam by Strong gets 2. Nak to the apron and catches strong with a kick before hitting a series of knees. Nakamura drapes Roddy over the guardrail and hits a flying knee to the stomach as we go to our first break…


…trading forearms as we come back to the show before Strong tosses Shinsuke outside and hits a baseball slide. Torture rack into a backbreaker by Roddy gets a near fall! Roddy going for the Stronghold but its countered into a rear naked choke. Lungblower followed up by a reverse suplex by Nakamura! Boma Ye attempt misses and Roddy hits a jumping knee in the corner. Sidewalk slam into the top turnbuckle by Strong gets another 2 count! Suplex attempt blocked and Nak hits a flying Boma Ye! Another Boma Ye attempt misses and Strong hits the double knee gutbuster. Stronghold is locked in but Shinsuke gets to the ropes. Both men up again and trading shots center ring. SICK KICK turns Nakamura inside out! End of Heartache but Shinsuke kicks out at 2! Goes it for it again but Nak flips out of it and hits a Boma Ye! Kick out at 1 and no one can believe it! Nakamura charges in again but Roddy hits a big jumping knee…Nakamura hits a NASTY BOMA YE for the win! Great match!


WINNER: Shinsuke Nakamura via pinfall


Gedo vs “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin


Not much here. Elgin wins in short order.


WINNER: Michael Elgin via pinfall


AJ Styles & The Young Bucks vs Kazuchika Okada & RPG Vice


Streamers for everyone!


Okada & AJ start the match. Nice sequence to start the match as both men trade arm drags & roll-ups before each man attempts their finisher. Trent & Nick Jackson get the respective tags and Trent gets a slingshot northern lights for 2. Rocky Romero tags in and he & Trent hit a series of moves for 2. Matt drills Trent off of the apron with a SUPERKICK~! Bucks hit a tandem neckbreaker and AJ hits a knee on Trent for a near fall. Slingshot senton by Nick before tagging in AJ. Trent tries to fight back but gets folded up with a suplex into the corner as we go to commercial break…


…Trent fights off the BC as we come back but Nick hits a running knee. Swanton attempt is blocked with the knees and trent hits a big spinning DDT. Hot tag to Romero and he takes out everyone. Double hurricanrana to both Bucks! Rocky gets 2 clotheslines in the corner before eating a SUPERKICK~! but he’s able to turn Matt inside out with the 3rd clothesline! Tag to Okada and he takes down AJ with a series of clotheslines. Flapjack followed by a DDT and a running uppercut for 2! Okada charges into the corners but Styles gets the boot up—backflip DDT countered by Okada! Snapmare by AJ but Okada flips out of that and gets the neckbreaker! Big body slam and Okada goes up top bit Matt hits a SUPERKICK~! RPG Vice hit a double knee to Nick before hitting a Doomsday flying knee to Matt on the outside! Baseball slide by AJ takes out Trent but Okada catches him coming back in with a Heavy Rain attempt. AJ gets out and DRILLS Okada with a Bloody Sunday! Styles Clash attempt blocked and Okada spins it into a tombstone! Rainmaker attempt ducked by AJ and he heads up top but Okada nails him with a dropkick! Nick Jackson back in and he takes out both members of RPG Vice. Springboard X-factor on Rocky and a tornado DDT to the outside on Trent! Buckle bomb/enziguri combo followed by a senton for 2! More Bacng for Your Buck attempt blocked by Rocky and Trent gets a HUGE German suplex off the top on Matt! Tope suicida by Rocky to Nick! Flying elbow by Okada on Matt…he’s calling for the Rainmaker! Matt ducks out and AJ hits a springboard forearm! He goes for the Styles Clash on Trent who reverses and looks for the Dudebuster. Rocky comes flying in and gets a SUPERKICK~! by Nick! SUPERKICK~! on Trent and AJ looks for another Styles Clash but Okada makes the save with a dropkick on AJ! Everyone’s in the ring and trading shots…SUPERKICK PARTY BY THE BULLET CLUB! OKADA SHAKES IT OFF!!! PELE KICK/SUPERKICK COMBO!!! The BC has Trent…triple team ppiledriver! MELTZER DRIVER! SUPERKICK/STYLES CLASH COMBO and THAT.IS.IT. Fantastic match, loads of fun!


WINNERS: The Bullet Club via pinfall


ROH’s best showing on Destination America to date. 2 great matches bookend the show this week and the filler match was short enough that it didn’t drag the show down in the least. These are the types of home run shows that will keep new ROH fans coming back on a week-to-week basis. If you haven’t yet, watch this week’s episode on ROHwrestling.com.


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