Ring of Honor TV Recap (July 8, 2015)

posted by Billy Carpenter 

From Terminal 5 in New York City!

Kevin Kelly & Steve Corino welcome us to the show. We’ve got The Kingdom vs reDRagon & Michael Elgin later tonight! Let’s head to the ring for our opening contest…

Takaaki Watanabe vs Dalton Castle


Man, this gimmick is so much money. Watanabe grabs a headlock to start. He shoulder blocks Dalton down and his boys fan him off. Castle is up now and he returns the favor to Takaaki but Watanabe gets fanned off by the boys! Big clothesline takes Dalton down and Watanabe starts stretchin’ him out. Both men back up as we head to our first commercial break…

…we’re back now and they are trading small packages! Both men up and they’re dizzy–double clothesline and we’re back to where we started. Dalton rushes in to the corner but Watanabe gets the boots up. Neckbreaker followed by a senton splash gets a 2 count. Watanabe goes for a belly to back but Castle flips out of it. Roll up attempt blocked but Dalton gets a t-bone suplex. Deadlift German by Castle gets 2! Big boot blocked and Takaaki gets a headbutt to send Castle reeling. He gets some sort of Texas cloverleaf backbreaker on Dalton before powering him up with a belly to back for a near fall. He picks him back up and goes for maybe a piledriver but Dalton is able to get the Bang-A-Rang for the win!

WINNER: Dalton Castle via pinfall

Post-match, Dalton proclaims himself the “only real man”, which of course brings out Silas Young. We head to commercial as refs try to stop Silas from charging the ring.

Nigel McGuiness is out now and he introduces the NEW ROH World champion and current TV champion, Jay Lethal! He’s flanked by the House of Truth, as per usual. Nigel turns the mic over to Jay and the crowd is hot for the new champ. Truth Martini gets a few words in before Lethal tells us that he is what he’s been saying all along–the best in the world. Lethal tries to exit hastily but Nigel asks him what title he’d be vacating. Jay tells him that he’s not giving up a damn thing, to which Nigel tells him he’ll be having to defend those titles in two matches a night at times.Nigel brings up his ROH World title match against Roderick Strong at Death Before Dishonor before telling him he’d be defending the TV title next week against Mark Briscoe. This brings out Strong, who vows to take the World title at DBD.


Main event time, and here comes The Kingdom! God DAMN, Maria Kanellis is too much. She grabs a mic and tells Adam Cole not to blame himself for what happened at Best in the World before sharing an awkward hug together. As much as I love Maria, the day she gets superkicked from ADAM COLE BAYBAY will be fantastic. Their opponents make their way out next; Michael Elgin, followed by reDRagon. Should be a good time…


The Kingdom w/ Maria Kanellis vs reDRagon/Michael Elgin

Bennett & Elgin to start. Bennett with a side headlock but the shoulder block was not a success. Elgin takes over and gets a delayed vertical suplex, despite taking shots from Cole & Taven while holding up Bennett! reDRagon intervenes and Fish locks a half-crab on Taven while O’Reilly locks Cole in an armbar. Elgin brings Bennett down for a 2 count. Elgin fires off on all 3 members of the Kingdom until Cole & Taven pull him outside. Somersault plancha by Bennett. Quick tags by the Kingdom now, and Cole covers after a Taven crossbody for 2. Elgin absolutely floors Taven with a forearm shot but Taven comes back with a dropkick. Bennett back in and he’s stomping away in the corner. The Kingdom is in control as we go to break…

…Elgin and Bennett are down as we come back. Elgin almost makes a tag but Cole & Taven pul reDRagon down to the floor. Elgin fights off all 3 members of the Kingdom and hits a simultaneous Codebreaker/senton splash on Cole & Bennett. He finally makes the tag to Bobby Fish but Kyle comes in with him anyway. They take turns beating on Cole before turning their attention to Taven. Spike DDT into a wheelbarrow suplex for a near fall! That was nasty. Taven tries to fight back but Kyle gets the armbar over the top rope. Fish with a somersault plancha on Bennett but Cole superkicks O’Reilly as he’s hanging over the ropes! Taven with a dive over the ropes! Elgin gets the tag now and he’s fighting off both of the IWGP tag champs. Double stack Samoan drop by Elgin! Buckle bomb attempt countered. Taven goes for an enziguri but misses–Elgin goes for a deadlift German on Taven but Bennett stops it. Elgin levels him with an elbow and hits a rope-assisted enziguri on Taven, Cole intervenes though to turn the tide. Proton Pack by the champs! Shining Wizard by Cole gets 2! reDRagon back in and they low-bridge Cole & Bennett out of the ring–stereo planchas to the floor! Elgin picks up Taven and powerbombs him into the group on the floor. Back in, Elgin is on the top rope–Chasing the Dragon/top rope Elgin bomb combo on Cole gets a near fall until the rest of The Kingdom breaks it up. Cole and Elgin up now and Cole hits the Destroyer on Elgin! Leaping spike piledriver on Elgin by Taven & Bennett! Cole goes for another Destroyer but Elgin counters with a backdrop. Hot tag to Kyle O’Reilly and he & Cole square up. Seated superkick by Cole but O’Reilly springs back with a guillotine! Cole shoves him off and hits a big SUPERKICK! Jawbreaker lariat by Kyle! CHASING THE DRAGON~! Kyle covers and gets the pinfall on Adam Cole!

WINNERS: reDRagon & Michael Elgin via pinfall


Post-match, Adam Cole shakes Kyle O’Reilly’s hand and The Kingdom doesn’t look pleased.

Solid, if unspectacular, show this week. We’ve had some great stuff from the NJPW joint shows the last few weeks so I expected a little bit of step down, especially on the first show from a new set of tapings. Dalton Castle was fun as always, we found out what’s next for Jay Lethal and the main event had a hot 5 minutes to close the show. The obvious story coming from this episode is the teased dissension within The Kingdom and the impending implosion. Not a bad way to spend an hour, but you won’t kick yourself for missing it.


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