WWE NXT Recap (July 8, 2015)

posted by Billy Carpenter

From Full Sail University…

We’re getting a replay of Finn vs KO from Tokyo tonight, as well as a number 1 contenders tag team match between Enzo & Cass and The Vaudevillains! But first, Dana Brooke and Emma make their way out to make good on their challenge to Sasha Banks last week. Who will The Boss pick as her tag partner? Paraphrasing here, Dana asks where her partner is and she says she doesn’t need one. Sasha gets in the face of both Emma & Dana as Charlotte’s music hits! She says she’ll be Sasha’s partner but she’ll owe her one. Looks like we’ve got ourselves a tag match then…

Emma & Dana Brooke vs Sasha Banks & Charlotte

Sasha attacks Dana at the bell. Tag in to Charlotte and they hit some tandem offense. Nature Boy-esque knee drop on Dana followed by a strut. Dana makes it to the corner and tags in Emma, who gets caught with a quick roll up for 2. Knee drop by Charlotte; she goes for another but Emma rolls to the floor. Charlotte tries to give chase but Dana kicks her to stop the momentum. Quick tags now by Emma & Dana as they are working over Charlotte in the corner. Emma locks on a body scissors in the middle of the ring to slow down the pace. Charlotte tries to fight back but gets cut off again. Dana back in and hits a version of Wasteland for 2. Modifies bow & arrow lock but Charlotte gets out and tags Sasha. The champ is a house of FIRE! Double knees to Dana gets a near fall. Emma distracts Sasha long enough for Dana to try and get Sasha in her finish but it’s reversed. Banks Statement! Charlotte cuts off Emma and locks in the figure four! Dana taps!


WINNERS: Sasha Banks & Charlotte via submission

Post-match, Charlotte cashes in that favor and asks Sasha to put the belt on the line next week. She accepts!

Pre-taped promo from Bayley, who vows to get revenge on Emma when she returns from injury.

Now, we head back to Tokyo for the NXT title match from this past Saturday between Kevin Owens & Finn Balor. Here’s a cut & paste from the recap of the show (you can check the whole Beast in the East review out here):

NXT Championship match

Kevin Owens (c) vs Finn Balor

The demon has risen in Tokyo! Sick paint job tonight for Balor. Hideo Itami is in the crowd for this one. We get flower girls and a BARRAGE of streamers for Finn:

Owens throws the flowers away like a proper villain. Bell rings and Finn hits a shotgun dropkick and is looking for the coup de grace already! Owens rolls out and Finn hits a cross body to the floor instead. Some back and forth and Owens is back outside–baseball slide by Balor. He tosses Owens into some chairs and hit a running dropkick to a seated Owens.Back inside, Owens is able to get the advantage with swinging crucifix slam for 2. Owens in control as Byron & Cole rattle off the former Prince Devitt’s accomplishments in NJPW. Balor looks to fight back but Owens takes him outside and shoves him into the ring steps. Balor rolls in and gets met with a senton for 2. Balor is able to fight back, eventually dropkicking Owens after rolling through a sunset flip. Flying forearm from the second rope gets 2. Owens goes into the Cena “five moves of doom” and hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle! Finn counters out of an AA attempt and and a nice sequence sees him hit a Pele kick. Owens heads to the floor but Balor gets a big somersault plancha! Dropkick and reverse DDT get a near fall for Balor! Finn going up but misses the coup de grace. Owens with a German suplex folowed by the corner cannonball for 2. Package powerslam gets another 2 count. Owens looks to go for the pop-up powerbomb but Finn gets the Sling Blade! Finn goes up again but Owens cuts him off. He’s able to fight him off and he hits the coup de grace but only gets 2! Balor firing off shots in the corner and he sits Owens on the top rope. FINLAY ROLL OFF THE TOP ROPE BY OWENS. Kevin back up top and goes for the swanton bomb but Balor gets the knees up. BLOODY SUNDAY BY FINN! Only a 2 count! Sleeper suplex by Kevin Owens! Holy shit, this match. Owens goes for the pop-up powerbomb again but Finn sips out. LARIATOOOOO~! SHOTGUN DROPKICK! CORNER DROPKICK! COUP DE GRACE AND FINN BALOR IS YOUR NEW NXT CHAMP!

WINNER and new NXT championFinn Balor via pinfall

Great match! The crowning of Balor as the new NXT champion took place in a most fitting setting. Great atmosphere, great match and surprisingly great commentary here. Cole was excellent and this may have been Byron’s best work since coming up to the main roster full-time. They put great emphasis on what was happening in the ring and put the NXT brand, the title and the competitors over. Tatsumi Fujinami makes his way out to congratulate Finn and they cut to Itami in the crowd who has a little bit of an interesting look on his face. Balor extends the hand in respect to Owens, but Kevin is having none of that. This match was a big deal and for all intents & purposes, was the main event. Still wish this would’ve closed the show but as soon as he was announced, I knew Cena was closing was the show. Still, this was great stuff.

Back to Full Sail, and Clark Gable is backstage cutting a promo. Jason Jordan comes in and accepts Gable’s proposal from last week to team up.

Solomon Crowe is here and he proclaims that he’s back. I hadn’t really noticed that he left…

Marcus Louis vs Solomon Crowe


Louis comes a-chargin’ but Crowe levels him with a right hand for 2. Both men back up, Crowe is sent into the corner. He avoids a charge but his springboard attempt is blocked. Vicious knees by Louis, who then transfers into an abdominal stretch with a claw in the ribcage. Crowe fights his way out and hits a jawbreaker but Louis cuts him off with a kick to the abdomen. Crowe continues to fight though and hits a series of forearms. He turns an arm wrench into a diamond cutter! Moments later, he locks in the Crowe-bar (stretch muffler) to pick up the submission win.

WINNER: Solomon Crowe via submission

The Vaudevillains promise to go through Enzo Amore & Big Cass on their way to the NXT tag team titles.

More footage from Tokyo, as Finn celebrates backstage and is met with congratulations from Neville, Cesaro & John Cena.

Main event time and we’re set to determine new no.1 contenders to the NXT Tag Team titles!

The Vaudevillains vs Enzo Amore & Big Cass


Enzo & Gotch start things off. Gotch gets the early advantage and tags in Aiden English. Blind tag back to Gotch doesn’t work though and the Vaudevillains end up on the floor as we go to break…

…big sidewalk slam by Cass to English as we come back. Tag in to Enzo and Cass slams him on top of Aiden for another 2 count. Enzo fires off some right hands but eats the boots of English as he charges into the corner. Gotch back in now and he locks in a half-nelson chinlock. English is back in and hits a running boot for 2. Back to the chinlock and the Vaudevillains are in control. Enzo is finally able to fight back and make the tag to Big Cass. He’s hitting anything that moves and sets up for an elbow but gets distracted by Simon Gotch, allowing English to get a roll-up for 2. He gets rocked with a big boot and Cass catches Gotch with a black hole slam. He calls for the rocket launcher (are they calling it Air Enzo?) but Gotch grabs the leg. He pulls Cass out and Enzo goes for the cross body on English. Roll through by English and he keeps Enzo down for a 3 count, and we have new number one contenders! Man, Enzo & Cass just can’t catch a break.

WINNERS: The Vaudevillains via pinfall

A few noteworthy items this week involving two of the three championships, but I wasn’t really into the show this week. We’ve got one more show from this set of tapings to go and it will be main evented by what should be a great match in Sasha Banks vs Charlotte for the NXT women’s title. And what the hell do you do with Enzo & Cass now? If there’s no plan to do something in NXT, maybe it’s time to think about moving them up. Things should pick up again with the next set of tapings, as we have a new champ and a big show in Brooklyn to start building towards. Really nothing to see here this week though.


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