Lucha Underground Recap (July 8, 2015)

posted by Billy Carpenter

Pentagon, Jr. is in his master’s lair. They discuss sacrifices and Pentagon says he will sacrifice Ian Hodgkinson.

Matt Striker & Vampiro welcome us to the temple! No time to waste, let’s get to it…

Willie Mack is in the ring to kick off the show. His opponent is from the 559…and they call him CAGE.

The Mack vs Cage

They trade blows right from the opening bell. Mack gets a big boot but Cage comes back with a powerslam. Cage goes for a second rope moonsault but misses. Mack hits a basement kick to the head. Back up, The Mack chops away and hits a running vertical suplex for 2. Cage reverses a scoop slam attempt in a variation of a neckbreaker. Big delayed vertical suplex by Cage. He sets Mack up top but Mack comes back with a flying knee. Running uppercut in the corner by Cage but Mack catches him with an explode into the corner! Frog splash by the Mack misses and Cage nearly takes Mack’s head off with a discus lariat for 2! Powerbomb attempt by Cage but Mack escapes and hits a Superkick. Cage hits a forearm and Mack comes back with a big forearm shot. He gets a roll up on Cage and gets the win!

WINNER: The Mack via pinfall

Son of Havoc is backstage and he’s interrupted by Catrina . She tells him that her Disciples of Death will be coming for the trios gold but that tonight, death is coming for him. Ivelisse tells her to back off but she uses Jedi mind tricks and flees the scene. Ivelisse and Havoc end up in a compromising position and Angelíco walks in.

Striker & Vampiro run down the card so far for Ultíma Lucha before we get the weekly sit down interview. This week, Vamp is with Pentagon, Jr. He apologizes for jumping in during the Sexy Star stuff a few weeks ago. Vampiro wants to know who the “master” is and gets no response. Things get heated and Pentagon Jr calls out Vampiro for Ultíma Lucha…

Back to the temple and Mil Muertes is standing in the ring. His opponent is Son of Havoc, god bless him.

Mil Muertes vs Son of Havoc

Havoc throws everything at Muertes to start. He uses his speed advantage and gets a cross body for 2. Handspring elbow attempt blocked and Mil sends him to the outside. He throws Havoc through a out 4 rows of chairs before using a chair on him. Powerbomb into the announce table! Mil is just throwing him all around ringside. He tosses SoH back in but gets low-bridged on a charge and he spills to the floor. Son of Havoc is able to hit a topé suicida! Springboard double stomp/standing moonsault combo only gets a ONE. Havoc back up top but gets caught coming down. He tries to fight back but Mil levels him and sets him up top. Havoc keeps fighting and sends Muertes to the mat. SSP misses! On the outside, Catrina summons the Disciples and they attack Angelico. Handspring plancha to the outside on the Disciples by Son of Havoc! He heads back in but gets rocked with a clothesline. Flatliner finishes things off moments later.

WINNER: Mil Muertes via pinfall

Texano is in the ring now. He calls out Chavo Guerrero but The Crew attacks instead. Blue Demon, Jr. is back! He chases the Crew out before turning on Texano! He splits him with a chair shot and says that they’ll face off at Ultíma Lucha.


It’s main event time–atómicos! Alberto El Patrón, Sexy Star, Aerostar & Drago are set to take on Johnny Mundo, Hernandez, Jack Evans & Superfly!

Team Alberto vs Team Johnny

Alberto & Johnny start off…or not. Jack Evans gets the tag instead. El Patrón slaps him down and brings him to his corner. Aerostar in now and he hits a double knee to Evans. Jack powers him up though and takes him into the rudos corner. Superfly gets the tag in but Aerostar hits the big head scissors. Drago is in now and he & Hernandez square off. This is getting insanely quick to try to recap. The rudos get El Patrón outside and beat him down. Mundo back in and he works over Alberto. He misses a corner charge and tags in Superfly. Kick to the knees followed by a BIG Superkick. People are flying in and out now! Big reverse plancha by Aerostar to the floor on Evans & Superfly! Corkscrew plancha by Drago! Another by Sexy Star! El Patrón sets up a dive too but Mundo pulls him outside. He chases Johnny out of the temple as the rudos regain control. Hernandez hits a big Sky high style powerbomb for 2. Mundo back in and hits the

running knee to the face for 2. “JOHNNY PUTO” chants! Jack Evans in now but a Handspring elbow from Aerostar stops the momebtum. Tag to Sexy Star and she’s on fire! Tilt a whirl headscissors on Mundo! Superfly going for something but he misses. Hernandez grabs her up and hits a one-handed backbreaker. Superkick by Drago on Hernandez! Tornado DDT on Mundo! Evans kicks Drago down before they send him out. Lung blower by Patrón on Hernandez! Tilt a whirl backbreaker on Superfly and the cross armbreaker on Evans! END OF THE WORLD on Patrón by Mundo! Sexy Star up top goes for the flying crossbody but Mundo rolls through and grabs the tights for the win!

WINNERS: Team Johnny

Striker & Vampiro talk up Ultíma Lucha to close the sh–here’s Pentagon Jr! He attacks Vampiro from behind. He nails him with a chair, leaving him laying. He douses him in gasoline (!) and says he has one week to accept his challenge or his family & the world will watch him burn, as he blows the flame out on a lighter. Holy shit, what an ending!

As is the case most weeks, Lucha Underground was fantastic yet again . Strong show this week with some excellent in-ring action and the Pentagon Jr/Vampiro angle was A+. The build to Ultíma Lucha is excellent and is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated cards of the year. This is a must – watch episode, one of their strongest in a while.


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