Vote for the 10 Best WWE Matches of the Half-Year!

posted by Billy Carpenter is putting together a top 10 WWE match list for 2015 (so far) and we want YOUR input! There has been some great in-ring stuff in 2015 thus far but the question is “what has been the best of the best?”. That’s where your help comes in. We’ve gone through each PPV, NXT special, RAW , SmackDown!, NXT and more to find what we thought were the 30 best matches presented by WWE from January 1-June 30. The poll below is that list in chronological order for the year and now it’s time for you to vote! The top 10 will be featured in an article next week, complete with reviews for each of those matches.  Voting is open immediately and will be open until 7/17 at 11:59:59 pm. Vote once, vote often and spread the word!


Poll is now closed! Thanks to all who voted!


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