WWE Main Event Recap Double-Shot (7/7-7/14/2015)

posted by Billy Carpenter


July 7th, 2015

From Milwaukee, WI…

Rich Brennan & Jerry Lawler welcome us to Main Event. Starting off the show with ‘The Man That Gravity Forgot’, Neville! His opponent is Heath Slater.

Neville vs Heath Slater

They trade armlocks to start but Slater with a nice headlock takedown. Slater goes for a hip toss but Neville flips out of it and hits a backdrop. Tilt a whirl headscissors is followed by a crossbody for 2. Slater stops him with a shot to the face and grabs a chinlock. Neville fights back and, after Slater misses a charge, hits a Superkick through the ropes! The Red Arrow finishes and that was over rather quickly.

WINNER: Neville via pinfall

Tom Phillips is backstage with Cesaro. They talk about the match from RAW before discussing Cesaro’s match tonight with Luke Harper. Luke interrupts and says Cesaro should be afraid.

LUCHA! LUCHA! LUCHA! The Lucha Dragons make their way to the ring. We’ll find out their opponents right after this commercial break!

Lucha Dragons vs Los Matadores

Kalisto & Diego to start. They trade headscissors before Kalisto gets an armdrag. Tag to Sin Cara, who hits a senton over the ropes. Arm drag by Cara and he tags Kalisto back in. Wheelbarrow senton gets 2. Diego goes for a headscissors out of the corner but Kalisto back flips out of it. Tag by Diego to Fernando but Kalisto takes both men down. Fernando  sends Kalisto outside and Diego throws El Torito on him. Back inside and Diego takes control and a senton from the apron gets 2. Irish whip but Kalisto hits a Handspring enziguri. Hot tag on both sides and Cara hits a springboard crossbody. Tilt-a-whirl headscissors keeps the advantage for Sin Cara. Enziguri in the corner followed by a somersault splash gets 2. Kalisto takes Diego outside and hits an Asai moonsault to the floor! Sin Cara and Fernando up top and Cara hits the rolling senton slam off the top for the win!

WINNERS: Lucha Dragons via pinfall

From RAW, Bray Wyatt continues to play mind games with Roman Reigns.

Also from RAW, Brock Lesnar hates Cadillacs.

Main event time, and here comes Cesaro! He’s going one-on-one with Luke Harper, should be fun one.

Cesaro vs Luke Harper

Cesaro & Harper roll around a bit before Cesaro attempts a gut wrench. Harper grabs the ropes and goes to the outside. Back in, they trade shots and Cesaro hits a clothesline before he finally gets that gutwrench suplex. Harper rolls back out as we go to commercial…

…both men on the outside as we come back and Harper is in control. Back in, Harper charges at Cesaro but gets back dropped back outside. Topé by Cesaro! Running European uppercut into the rail and a crossbody back in the ring gets a 2 count. Cesaro charges into the corner but meets the ring post instead. Harper goes to work on the arm before hitting some big shots. HURRICANRANA BY HARPER! Superkick gets 2! Cesaro rolls out again but gets tossed into the ring steps. He tosses Cesaro back in and hits a ROLLING SENTON OVER THE TOP for a 2 count! Harper for WOTW. He keeps the pressure on but Cesaro gets a dragon screw–Harper counters back with a black hole slam for 2. We go to our last commercial break…

…Back to the show, and we’re trading shots. Springboard uppercut from Cesaro! He works on Harper’s leg but a corner charge earns him a knee to the face. Powerbomb attempt by Harper is turned into a giant swing attempt by Cesaro– countered into a modified Regal Stretch! Holy shit, this match right here. Harper goes after the arm but Cesaro hits a modified Explorer for 2. Half crab by Cesaro but Harper makes it to the ropes. Discus clothesline by Harper misses and Cesaro rolls him up for 2. Harper lands a nasty sit out powerbomb for a near fall! He goes for another but Cesaro gets a backdrop. Another dragon screw and Cesaro hits a jumping double stomp right to the knee! Cesaro swing transitioned to a sharpshooter and Harper taps! Man, what a match!

WINNER: Cesaro via submission

Obviously, the main event was the crown jewel of this show. Cesaro and Harper had fantastic chemistry here and the result was a must – watch encounter. The tag match with the Lucha Dragons and Los Matadores was pretty fun too. Cesaro is in the midst of a super hot streak and overall has had one of the best in-ring years of anyone in the world this year. Once again, Main Event provides us with a match that needs to be watched. Can they carry this over into the next episode?

July 14th, 2015

We kick off the show with the WWE Tag Team champs, the Prime Time Players! Looks like their opponents will be The Ascension…meh.

Prime Time Players vs The Ascension

Darren Young and Viktor to start. Young gets a slam and grabs an arm. Viktor gets a shoulder block and gains the advantage. Young comes back with a discus punch and a clothesline. Sitdown splash gets a 2 count. Connor in now and he reverses and Irish whip and sends Young over the top as we go to break…

…back to the action and Connor is still in control. Young goes for a sunset flip but Viktor gets the blind tag and goes on the attack. Quick tags by The Ascension and they’ve cut off the ring. Young fights out of the corner but Connor grabs the leg to keep him in their corner. Viktor tags back in and hits a fistdrop for 2. Young finally is able to make a tag to Titus and the crowd pops BIG. He’s tearing through The Ascension and hits the pounce on Connor for 2. Viktor breaks it up but Young hits the Gut Check to send him out. Clash of the Titus on Connor finishes things off moments later!

WINNERS: Prime Time Players via pinfall

Highlights from RAW, featuring the triple threat with Kevin Owens, Cesaro & Rusev.

Adam Rose is in the ring, and he proclaims that we “still just don’t get it”. He’s right…I don’t get it. I have no idea what his purpose is or why WWE went in this direction with him after that very humanizing E:60 piece. We’re so far gone from this thing that I wrote when the character debuted that it’s almost depressing. Anyway, he’s taking on Zack Ryder this week…

Adam Rose vs Zack Ryder

No Rosa with Adam this week, for those keeping score. Ryder hits a dropkick and sends Rose to the floor. He leaps to the floor and nails Adam with a big boot. Back inside, Rose knocks Ryder off the rope by clipping his knee. Neckbreaker by Rose gets a 2 count. Back to the reverse chinlock but Zack eventually fights out and hits a jawbreaker. Rose comes right back with a big spinebuster for a near fall. He turns it over into a half-crab but Ryder makes the ropes. BIG forearm shot in the corner by Rose and he follows up with a few more. Zack, however, hits the Rough Ryder from outta nowhere and gets the win!

WINNER: Zack Ryder via pinfall

We get the hype video for Seth Rollins vs Brock Lesnar coming up at Battleground this Sunday.

King What’s Up is here…oh boy. Bo Dallas is here to stop the madness, praise Marty Moose.

R-Truth vs Bo Dallas

Truth stays a step ahead to start, sending Bo outside with a clothesline. Dallas traps Truth in the apron and works him over though. Big running back elbow gets 1. Bo with a reverse chinlock but R is able to come back and hit a sidekick. He follows with some clotheslines and a front suplex for 2. Both men are on the apron and Bo hits a DDT on the apron! Neckbreaker is good enough for a 2 count. Dallas hangs R up on the ropes gut first before working him over on the mat. He clamps on a body scissors but Truth rolls back for a pin attempt. Bo dumps R out to the floor and beat him up some more. Bo-Dog attempt countered; Lie Detector by Truth blocked by Bo. He goes for a clothesline but Truth is able to hit the Lie Detector this time for the win!

WINNER: R-Truth via pinfall

Well…this was kind of a chore to watch in comparison to the episode that preceded it. None of the matches were particularly enjoyable, even if they weren’t necessarily bad. It had my boys, the PTP, but even they weren’t enough. I will say it’s nice to see them having fun in the ring–it’s translating into their best work so far. Definitely a skippable episode, but you better check out the 7/7 edition.


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