WWE Main Event Recap (September 1, 2015)

posted by Billy Carpenter

Kicking off the show with the pride of Marieville, Quebec, Kevin Owens! The Main Event announce squad is Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton and Jimmy Uso, for those wondering where Phillips was. Owens’ opponent this week is Jack Swagger and I’m thinking we might get something pretty good here. Don’t sleep on Swagger…

Kevin Owens vs Jack Swagger

Quick go-behind by Swagger. Owens goes for a wristlock but Jack picks the ankle, sending Owens to the ropes. Swagger grabs a waistlock and slams KO twice but Owens fires back with right hands, beating Swagger down in the corner. They trade right hands, but Swagger clips the knee coming off the ropes. Belly to belly by Jack gets 2 and KO rolls to the outside. Clothesline on the floor and he tosses Owens back in. KO goes back outside on the opposite side and catches a following Swagger with a superkick. Back in, Owens gets a near fall. Kevin Owens in control as we go to commercial…

…Owens with a reverse chinlock as we come back. Swagger gets a jawbreaker but misses a charge in the corner—cannonball gets a near fall for Owens! Back to the chinlock and Owens belts out an “O CANADA”! KO shoves Swagger into the corner but misses a charge of his own. Swagger hits a running clothesline for 2! Charging clothesline followed by a slam by Jack–*WE THE PEOPLE*–Swagger Bomb attempt is thwarted by a boot to the face. Swagger falls into the opposite corner and Owens goes for a second cannonball but misses. Swagger Bomb connects for a near fall! Jack looking for the Patriot Lock but Owens kicks him off. Fireman’s carry into a gutbuster by KO but he misses his springboard moonsault attempt! Patriot Lock! Owens fights and finally gets to the ropes. Swagger charging into the corner but KO sends him out to the floor over the top and into the steel steps! Owens tosses Swagger back in and hits the pop-up powerbomb to get the win. The announce team really selling that spot with steps, which looked pretty good.

WINNER: Kevin Owens via pinfall

JoJo talks with Team B.A.D. backstage. Naomi & Sasha Banks let us know what’s in store for Paige & Becky Lynch later tonight.

FAAAAANNNNN—-DANNNNNN—GOOOOOOOO makes his way to the ring for our next bout. Adam Rose is out and he’s been repackaged yet again. He’s here to make sure none of us have fun again since we “pooped all over his party”. Yep. He’s sporting a pair of glasses and a blue polo shirt, looking about as non-descript as you can get. He welcomes us to “situation serious” (?) and it’s time to get to it…

Fandango vs Adam Rose

Fandango gets the advantage early and clotheslines Rose to the floor. Adam comes back in and gets shot into the steel post, sending him back out. Plancha to the floor by Fandango! Both men back in and Rose is able to get control. A series of knee drops gets a 1 count. Rose with a cobra clutch but Fandango fights out and rolls him up for 2. Fandango fires off with some lefts but Rose gets an Edgecution for 2! He says “no more fun!” but Fandango pops up and hits a big spin kick to get the win! Welp.

WINNER: Fandango via pinfall

Back to Monday Night RAW with John Cena talking his way into a US championship rematch at Nght of Champions, ensuring that Seth Rollins will be pulling double duty. My prediction: Seth somehow wins the match with Cena before losing the WWE title to Sting via Cena-ference in the main event.

Team PCB makes their way out, as Paige and Becky Lynch get set for the main event. Team BAD is here and Naomi & Sasha Banks are ready to answer the challenge…

Paige & Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks vs Naomi

Naomi & Becky to start. Lynch with the early advantage, hitting a pair of arm drags. Naomi fights out but gets sent to the floor with a springboard kick. Paige gets the tag and drills Naomi coming back in with a series of knees before covering for 2. Sasha gets the tag in now and Paige gets a modified bow and arrow. Tag to Becky and a double headbutt gets a 1. Becky goes to work on the arm but Sasha powers her back to her corner. Naomi in now and she fires off some forearms on Lynch. Lynch comes back with a dragon screw though and goes for a roll-up but Naomi blind tags Sasha and they regain control. Sasha clamps on a straight jacket facelock but Becky fights out of it. Sasha is able to cut off the tag to Paige though and send Lynch back to her corner. Naomi in and hits a sliding clothesline for 2. Becky again fights out and sends Naomi outside. She goes for another tag but Naomi pulls Paige off the apron and BAD maintains the advantage. Sasha in now and back to the straight jacket facelock. Roll-up by Sasha but she gets kicked to the floor and Becky goes for the tag again. Sasha cuts it off once again, Becky fights back and is finally able to make the tag to Paige! Short arm clotheslines on Sasha followed by s single leg dropkick. Running knee in the corner gets followed up with a running knee to a kneeling Banks for 2. Paige knocks Naomi off and hits a fallaway slam for another near fall before Naomi breaks it up. Lynch and Naomi fight on the floor and Paige hits a superkick to Sasha back inside. Paige looks for the PTO but Naomi runs in and distracts her. Paige looks to go back to it again and Sasha gets the inside cradle for the win!

WINNER: Sasha Banks & Naomi via pinfall

Fun episode this week with a solid KO/Swagger match and solid Divas tag match in the main event. Poor Adam Rose, this is looking like the end of the line. This gimmick isn’t going to be what gets him over and I just can’t see them even bothering with sending him back to NXT. I had high hopes for the Adam Rose character when it debuted on NXT a couple pf years back but apparently, the people that make the decisions didn’t have the same hopes. Anyhow, Main Event is worth checking out this week–easiest hour to watch outside of NXT in the WWE Universe.


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