WWE SmackDown Recap (9/3/2015)


New Day is out to kick off the show, imploring us to “save the tables”. They give us a rundown on the importance of the table through history before leading a ‘save the tables’ chant. The Dudley Boyz are out now, showing a clip of Xavier Woods taking a trip to Dudleyville on the RAW from Brooklyn via a table & a 3D. The PTP make their way out now, telling the Dudleys that they needed to head to the back of the line as it concerns a title shot. Bubba runs down the Dudleys’ itinerary and it looks like we’re gettin’ a match…

Prime Time Players vs The Dudley Boyz

New Day made for a most entertaining addition to the commentary table. Match was a decent enough affair. Too short to really mean a whole lot but they worked pretty well together. I am now longing for a one-on-one hoss fight between Titus O’Neil and Bubba Ray Dudley. The Dudz hit 3D from outta nowhere (!) to get the win. Kofi runs in and slaps Devon in the back of the head before New Day retreats up the aisle, bubble-wrapped table in hand.

Backstage, Renee Young informs the tag champs that they’re scheduled to face Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose tonight, which provides us this gem from Vine:

We we’re scheduled to have Stardust vs Neville but The Ascension attacks! Immediately, I liked this—The Ascension and their current character direction are an almost perfect fit for whatever it is that’s going on in Stardust’s weird little world. Speaking of the former Cody Rhodes, he watches The Ascension decimate Neville with the Fall of Man before he welcomes us to the “cosmic wasteland!” Fun segment (as was the intent) and makes me wonder who’s coming in to help our hero.

Sheamus vs Cesaro

You know, I’m like most in that Sheamus just isn’t my cup of tea. As a matter of fact, the only times I tend to enjoy him are in these super physical, hoss-like matches like what we got tonight. Cesaro coming in with the injured ribs would play into the story of the match, as Sheamus was able to take advantage of the injury on a few occasions. A well-placed and opportune Brogue Kick gets Sheamus the win in a pretty fun match–not quite to the level of their stuff last year, but good nonetheless. No problem with him getting the win here; he is the MITB winner and it’s kind of nice to see the guy with the briefcase getting some wins. Cesaro is kind of in that spot where I think the WWE wanted to keep Daniel Bryan in 2013. He can have a great match with anybody on the card and can gel with almost any style; I imagine WWE wants to have a guy like that firmly in the mid-card who can hold down the “wrestling” portion of any show. Unfortunately, as over as he is, he’s not near the level of over that Daniel Bryan was so breaking out of this spot may not be in the cards for our Swiss Superman.

Miz TV. No thanks. Just…uncomfortable to watch; the things that they may or may not have been suggesting here have no place on a wrestling show. Besides that, the “acting” was terrible to boot.


R-Truth vs Bo Dallas

Meh. Bo wins with a new finisher. He wins and then does it again post-match.

Interview time with Team PCB. Boy, LeMar was right—Charlotte is really not much of a talker. Shame, considering who her dad is. Anywho, a quick recap of the Beat the Clock challenge with that Demi Lovato song as the soundtrack (still catchy) plays before the promo starts. Team Bella interrupts the festivities but Charlotte lets Nikki know that she petitioned to have the title match before Nikki can break the consecutive days record. Maybe we see it on RAW?

Charlotte vs Tamina

Well, this was a match that happened. Didn’t pay much attention during but I did hear the announce team bring up “famous fathers”, which leads me to think they canned this before they knew the extent of what was coming. For the in-ring stuff, not much happened. Charlotte can’t carry just yet and Tamina needs all the help she can get. Spear, neckbreaker, Natural Selection and Charlotte wins pretty handily.

Recap of Seth Rollins’ title woes coming up at Night of Champions.

Renee Young is backstage talking with fellow Canadian, Kevin Owens. Was this a face promo? It was kinda a face promo; letting those who’ve made fun of him and his looks know that their hate won’t stop him. Classic face. He hints at going after Ryback and the IC title and I’m 100% down for that.


Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose vs New Day

Good match to cap off this week’s show. Roman has looked so much more comfortable right now teaming with Dean, which definitely lends credence to those who said he wasn’t ready back in January. Make no mistake—he’s still going to be the man when the time comes. But moving back down the card and working with a number of different opponents has definitely aided in his progression. Plus, teaming with Dean gives both men something meaningful to do in the meantime. Hell, throw ‘em in the tag title scene for a little bit. As for this match, this was a lot of fun and I’d love to see more. It’s always fun when you have two teams that’re as cohesive as these two; very fluid work. New Day is so money right now and I wouldn’t have minded them picking up the win via Wyatt Family interference or something. At least we got Dr. Woods and more of his trombone work. All in all, a solid main event to conclude a solid edition of SD! this week.


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