Diggin’ in the Crates #1

posted by Billy Carpenter

Diggin’ in the crates–a term almost any hip-hop head is familiar with. It’s that almost ritualistic practice of heading to a record store, swap meet, thrift store or wherever and literally dig through the crates of records to find those hidden gems and lost classics. So, how does that apply to the way we view pro wrestling? We’re in an era where accessibility to the product–past & present–is easier than at any point in history. Video sharing sites have been a staple for quite some time and now more & more companies are joining in the streaming/subscription game. With all of this content readily available, it offers the chance for any wrestling fan to do a little “crate digging” of their own and discover some of the sport’s best kept secrets. This series aims to help out that cause and the inaugural dig takes us back to the ‘Attitude Era’, where two generations of great Canadian grapplers were about to collide in their home country…


WWF In Your House: Breakdown

September 27, 1998

Edge vs Owen Hart

Edge gets the home province (?) pop, being a son of Toronto. He was still in his “tortured soul” phase and his debut was hyped up with videos of him “aimlessly walking around the city and assaulting innocent pedestrians” (quote taken from Edge’s Wikipedia page and absolutely cracked me up reading it aloud); sporting some eyeliner and a trench coat, his look is very much “glam-rock Raven” at this point.  Owen is part of the Nation and looks like he wished he had left with Bret and company about a year prior for Atlanta. He gets a good pop being a Hart and this being Canada but a “nugget” chant begins to ring out. He sheds the Argonauts jersey and it’s time to get to work. He grabs Edge’s arm and he and the future Rated-R Superstar trade wristlocks with Owen getting the advantage. Nip up by Edge but Owen fires back with some reverse elbows. Owen goes for the monkey flip out of the corner but Edge lands on his feet and gets a nice dropkick. Edge blocks a hip toss and gets a nice hurricanrana. Clothesline send Hart to the outside and hits a baseball slide. Edge goes for something (maybe a crossbody?) but it’s reversed into a rather loud powerslam on the floor. Back in, Owen gets a near fall after a swank gutwrench suplex. Backbreaker followed by a reverse neckbreaker gets another 2. Edge tries to counter an Irish whip with a leap frog but finds himself on the business end of release belly to belly throw. Reverse chinlock and Owen is in control. Victory roll by Owen out of the corner for 2; Edge reverses the pin into one of his own for a 2. Reverse heel kick stops the momentum until Edge gets a springboard crossbody for a near fall. Big enziguri by Owen! He goes up to the 2nd rope but Edge gets an electric chair facebuster and both men are down. They make mention that Edge has yet to speak on TV, which is odd to think about considering how masterful he would be on the mic for the next decade plus following this. Edge gets a flapjack off the ropes and follows with a swinging neckbreaker for 2. Nice DDT gets yet another near fall. Back up, Owen goes for a German but Edge flips out of it and gets a northern lights for 2. Owen is able to get that German on the second try and gets a 2. He sends Edge into the corner but misses a charge in. Edge sets him up top and is looking for a superplex; Hart sends him down face first and comes down to lock in a Sharpshooter! Edge shoves him off into the ropes and gets an inside cradle for a very near fall! Spinning heel kick by Edge and he starts yelling…something. Suddenly, a wild Canadian appears (later to be revealed as Edge’s brother Christian) and distracts Edge long enough to get rolled up by the ‘King of Harts’ for the 1-2-3!

WINNER: Owen Hart via pinfall

This was Edge’s first PPV singles match and it was a pretty fun one. I probably haven’t watched this PPV since the original
airing so I hadn’t a real memory of this even taking place. Owen was a great choice here, a guy who could help sharpen the skills of a budding superstar in the company. Christian, in his first appearance for the WWF, looked a bit like a Chris Jericho/Lenny Lane hybrid:

maxresdefault (1)

His arrival would lead to the storyline involving Gangrel and the formation of The Brood, giving me an excuse to post this gif:

Hope you dug the first ever Diggin’ in the Crates! There’s a ton of great wrestling that’s been forgotten or overlooked throughout time and I’m gonna do my best to dig around and find it for you. This series is being done with the 4CR Tumblr page in mind, but it will always be available on 4CRwrestling.com as well. Check out this week’s match in full below and I’ll be back in a day or two with the next one. Until then…


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