WWE Main Event Recap (10/8/2015)

posted by Billy Carpenter (@4CR_Billy)


From Philadelphia, PA…

The reigning Intercontinental champion Kevin Owens makes his way out to start the show this week. If you haven’t been watching lately, he’s had some excellent bouts on Hulu Plus over the last few weeks against guys like Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger. Owens speculates on who the fans might vote for in the upcoming Superstar of the Year award. He says the only acceptable name is his and he runs through his list of accomplishments for 2015. He talks about beating Chris Jericho at MSG before turning his attention towards the commentary table. Owens feels that Byron Saxton, among others, have disrespected him for too long. Jimmy Uso, who is also at the table, takes exception so Owens calls him out. Uso jumps in and is ready for a fight but KO heads for higher ground as we head to commercial…

BREAKING NEWS as we come back to the show, and as expected, Jimmy Uso will go one on one with Kevin Owens later tonight!

Paige is out now and it’s time for some Divas division action!

Paige vs Naomi (w/ Tamina)

The ladies are trading some quick pin attempts to start. Naomi using her speed to avoid Paige’s attacks before hitting a hurricanrana. She gets caught in the corner by Paige though. Paige hits the hanging knees and rolls through a sunset flip attempt to hit another big knee for 2. Paige locks in the body scissors as we go to break…

Naomi back in control as we come back but it’s short lived. Paige hits a series of knee strikes in the corner and a seated superkick for 2. Only 1 of Naomi’s light-up shoes are working, why is that important? It’s not. Naomi gets tied up in the tree of woe and Paige wrenches back on both of her arms from the outside. Abdominal stretch by Paige but Naomi hiptosses her out of it. Crossbody attempt off the ropes by Naomi but she gets caught in a fall away slam. Can’t keep Naomi down though and she lights up Paige with a series of kicks before nailing a big step-up enziguri. Jawbreaker by Naomi gets 2. Rear View attempt but Paige stops herself in the ropes and hits a superkick for 2. Paige gets distracted by Tamina so Naomi takes advantage and gets a bridging roll up for the win!

WINNER: Naomi via pinfall

Flashback to this past week’s RAW and the issues between WWE champ Seth Rollins and the many faces of Kane.

Time for this week’s main event on Main Event!

Jimmy Uso vs Kevin Owens

Uso goes right at KO but Owens regains control quickly A pair of nice armdrags and a big right hand send Owens to the floor. Uso tries to follow but KO cuts him off, pulling him to the floor by his hair and launching him into the barricade. Back in, Owens with a senton for 2. KO stands over Uce as we head to break…

…Owens hits a short-arm clothesline for 2 as we come back. He clamps on a rear chinlock before planting Uso with a DDT for another 2 count. Jimmy is able to finally hit an enziguri to stop the momentum of Owens. A pair of clotheslines by Uso; he hits a superkick, a right hand and a Samoan drop for a near fall on KO. Uso charges in the corners but eats a back elbow. He goes for a pair of enziguris on Owens, who avoids both. KO looks to send Jimmy into the corner but it’s reversed and followed with a flying forearm. Jimmy looks for the hip attack in the corner but Owens moves and lauches himself into Uce with the corner cannonball, which gets 2. Pop-up powerbomb attempt but Uso gets out of it and hits a big superkick! He’s going up and looking for the Superfly splash but Owens gets the knees up. Pop-up powerbomb by the IC champ and that’s all she wrote!

WINNER: Kevin Owens via pinfall

A pretty quick hour of wrestling this week, as we only got a pair of matches but they both got a good chunk of time to work with. Match-wise, the diva’s match was fine even though there was no heat for Naomi. That’s in large part to the booking, as she’s been portrayed as a heel and was all of a sudden thrown into a face role for this match. Kevin Owens continues to dominate on Main Event and Jimmy Uso was a fine opponent. I was hoping to see Uce have a bit more of a singles run during his brother’s hiatus but it hasn’t materialized. It’s gotta be getting close to Jay Uso’s return so that window may be already closed. If you have Hulu Plus, this isn’t a bad way to spend 45-50 minutes this week.


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