WWE Main Event Recap (10/13/2015)

Posted by Billy Carpenter 
From Cincinnati, OH…
The Cosmic Wasteland are here to kick off the show this week; are they still called that? I thought they might’ve changed it, but I’m not sure. An interesting clash of characters awaits in our opening contest…
Stardust w/ The Ascension vs Fandango
Cartwheels & dueling hip swivels are the order of the day to kick this off. Fandango locks in a reverses waist lock; he’s backed in the corner and Stardust fires off a back elbow. Nice sunset flip out of the corner gets 2 for ‘Dust, but a pair of armdrags gives Fandango the advantage once more. Both men are up but Fandango gets sent outside. He finds himself surrounded by The Ascension but avoids a plancha by Stardust. He rolls in and starts Fandangoing as we go to our first break…
…Fandango in control as we come back, as he’s firing away with chops & uppercuts. Stardust rams him headfirst into the turnbuckle but ‘Dango comes back with a drop kick for 2. Step up enziguri out of the corner but The Ascension provide the distraction, allowing Stardust to come back with a clothesline for 2. Stardust works over Fandango until he gets caught with a top rope hangman. Snap power slam by Fandango gets a near fall! He goes up top for the Last Dance but misses and Stardust hits the disaster kick. He follows up with the Queen’s Crossbow and that’s enough for the win!
WINNER: Stardust via pinfall
Team Bella is with Renee Young. They run down the rest of the Divas division and Nikki says she’s ready to reclaim her Divas title.

Adam Rose is here, singing his name repeatedly. Oh man, this is so bad. I genuinely feel terrible for the man behind the Adam Rose character at this point. I don’t often say this, but thankfully Ryback makes his way out.
Adam Rose vs Ryback
The Ryback drives Rose into the corner before elevating him with a backdrop. Rose tries and fights back but it’s to no avail. Rose flees outside and Ryback gives chase. Marching vertical suplex by Ryback. He charges in the corner and hits a clothesline on Rose but misses the second time. Missile drop kick by Adam followed by a big flying forearm get a 2 count on Ryback. Sleeper hold locked in by Rose but The Ryback turns that into a backpack stunner. Meat hook–Shell Shock–pinfall.
WINNER: The Ryback via pinfall
Time for the RAW Rebound, as the many faces of Kane continue to make trouble for the WWE World champion Seth Rollins.
Main event time and it’s time to shine the spotlight on the Divas division…
Nikki & Brie Bella vs Naomi & Tamina
Tamina & Brie to start; it’s like they want me to turn it off already. Tamina uses her power advantage to toss around both Bellas. Nikki tries a scoop slam but Tamina falls on top for 2. Naomi gets the tag and hits a leg drop for another 2 count. Tilt a whirl head scissors sends Nikki to the floor and Naomi follows up with a baseball slide. Naomi taunts away as we head to our final break…
…Naomi still in control as we come back. She does her butt to the face corner special but Nikki catches her arm over the rope, sending her to the floor. Tag in to Brie, who continues to work on the arm. Russian leg sweep by Brie and she transitions into a seated armbar. Tag back in to Nikki but she eventually gets caught with a kick in the corner. Brie gets the tag and cuts off the hot tag to Tamina. Running knee on Naomi gets a near fall. Back to an armbar, Brie dogs her elbow into the shoulder joint of Naomi. Backdrop attempt but Naomi flips out of it and tags Tamina. She’s the proverbial house of fire and hits a spinning slam on Brie for 2. Nikki is in but she gets caught with a superkick by Tamina, prompting Jimmy Uso to proclaim it a “superkick party”. Tamina turns into an X Factor from Brie though and that’s all she wrote!
WINNERS: Nikki & Brie Bella via pinfall
Solid enough hour of pro wrestling this week. Main Event has gotten much lighter on the RAW recaps, which is fantastic. Leave those to Superstars or SmackDown. Main Event has kind of sneakily become WWE’s best hour of TV, even moving NXT off that throne some weeks. A breeze to watch featuring guys & gals who don’t always get a ton of time on the other shows. Like I said last week, if you have Hulu Plus, this is worth an hour of your time each week.


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