WWE Superstars Recap (10/16/2015)

posted by Billy Carpenter

The Real American, Jack Swagger is out to kick off this week’s show. Swagger has been a highlight of the B & C shows recently, putting on some kick ass matches against the likes of Kevin Owens & others. Unfortunately for his opponent, the same cannot be said…

Jack Swagger vs Adam Rose

Rich Brennan & Xavier Woods are your commentary team again this week. They’re actually a pretty solid tandem. Swagger grabs a headlock to start. He catches Rose in modified power slam for a 2 count. Rose tries to escape outside but he gets launched back in the ring. Rose drops Swagger with a chop to the throat to turn the tables. Adam locks in a reverse chin lock but the advantage doesn’t last. Clothesline by Swagger and he follows with a Swagger Bomb for a near fall. Patriot Lock attempt  blocked…Rose is tuning up the band?! Superkick to the knee followed by a neckbreaker. Diving head butt from Rose gets 2! Adam Rose goes for the Patriot Lock but Jack quickly counters and locks in the original recipe! Rose taps!

WINNER: Jack Swagger via submission

Back to (last week’s) RAW, as Randy Orton & Dean Ambrose attempt to get friendly before heading into war with the Wyatt Family at HIAC. They get to test the strength of their alliance against The New Day but come up short.

Sticking with last week’s RAW, Roman Reigns goes one-on-one with Braun Strowman ahead of his Hell in a Cell match with Bray Wyatt. Reigns picks up the count out victory and escapes the wrath of the Wyatt Family. The last 2 segments have been a prime example of my biggest qualm with Superstars; where we get clips of stuff that happened on RAW on most shows, Superstars gives us 2/3rds of 2 or 3 matches. It kinda kills my enjoyment of the show, but I know this is how it’s been and it’s not going to change.

We get a video package hyping up the final encounter between Brock Lesnar & The Undertaker, going down at Hell in a Cell.

It’s time for your Superstars main event and a feud from Main Event spills over to this week’s show…

Stardust vs Fandango

Fandango in control early, working on the arm. He catches Stardust in a tilt a whirl heads issues to send him reeling. Backdrop attempt by Fandango is met with a kick to the arm, sending him to the apron. Stardust irish whips Fandango into the ring post shoulder first as we go to commercial break…

…Stardust has a rope-assisted hammerlock on as we come back. Fandango tried fighting out but ‘Dust gets a single arm DDT for 2.  Stardust locks on an armbar with his knee planted in Fandango’s shoulder. Fandango fights back yet again with chops and clotheslines. He turns the tables, working on Statdust’s arm now. Knuckle lock into a fireman’s carry followed by a knee drop to the arm of Stardust gets 2. Fandango keeps the knuckle lock on and goes up top but Stardust pulls him down. Stardust misses a charge in the corner and Fandango hits a hanging slingshot leg drop for 2! Fandango goes for an Irish whip but Stardust hits the injured arm. Queen’s Crossbow attempt reversed but Stardust hits the Disaster kick to the shoulder of Fandango. Queen’s Crossbow connects the second time around and that’s all she wrote!

WINNER: Stardust via pinfall

We close out this week’s show with Kane making life miserable for Seth Rollins…and most of the viewing audience.

2 pretty solid matches this week, with Fandango & Stardust being the highlight. Fast forward through the RAW recaps and you’ve an enjoyable 20 minute block here. If they could cut out one of those recaps and throw another match on here, then Superstars could be as much fun as Main Event is right now. As it is, there was some good work in the main with Fandango & Stardust telling a nice little story. You won’t miss anything if you pass on Superstars this week, unless you like Kane & the Wyatts.


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