WWE NXT Recap (10/21/2015)

posted by Billy Carpenter

Recap of Apollo Crews becoming the #1 contender to the NXT title via winning last week’s battle royale.

From Full Sail University…

Asuka is here to kick off this week’s show! She’s set to go one-on-one with Australia’s own Billie Kay.

Asuka vs Billie Kay

Billie attacks first, going for a cover after a big boot to the face. She claimed to have the longest legs in NXT during her inset promo and she’s putting them to good use. Super delayed vertical suplex by Billie Kay–impressive! She clamps on an armbar but Asuka eventually kicks her way out of it. Big forearm by Billie but Asuka just smiles! Rolling armbar by Asuka but Kay reaches the ropes to break. Snap German suplex followed by a shining wizard by Asuka. Asuka Lock is sunk in and Kay has no choice but to tap!


WINNER: Asuka via submission

Brennan, Saxton & Graves hype up tonight’s main event featuring Baron Corbin vs Rhyno.

Tyler Breeze has some words for Samoa Joe, even threatening to “slice a couple pieces of bacon” off Joe. WELP.

The realest guys (and gal) in the room are here, as Enzo Amoré, Big Cass & Carmella make their way out. They ain’t handing out trick or treatings, jus’ beatings. They’ve got a tall task in front of them his week though…

Enzo/Big Cass vs Dash Wilder & Scott Dawson

Dawson & Dash immediately target the leg of Amoré. Modified Indian death lock by Scott Dawson! Cass finally has enough and he breaks up the offensive flurry. Dawson turns his attention to knocking Cass off the apron. Enzo with a surprise roll up and he gets the W?! Well then.

WINNERS: Enzo Amoré & Big Cass via pinfall

Post-match, The Mechanics lay waste to your favorite NXT tandem from the Jersey shore.

More main event hype, this time focusing on the Man-Beast, Rhyno.

Eva Marie sends us love from Europe. I love it. She could be the biggest heel in the Divas division if they just keep her on this route.

Danny Burch is out now and his opponent is the debuting James Storm!

Burch gets the jump on The Cowboy but mounts a comeback rather quickly. Running reverse neckbreaker followed up by the 8 Second Ride and Storm wins this one quickly and decisively.

WINNER: James Storm via pinfall

In two weeks, Apollo Crews will cash in his opportunity as the NXT title! The announcement is followed by a good video package on the man and his road to NXT.

Nia Jax promo.

Alexa Bliss vs Peyton Royce

Royce stays a step ahead of Bliss to start. Bliss eventually gets a judo throw and goes to work on the arm. Peyton comes back with a barrage of kicks and a leaping side kick gets 2. She meets an elbow in the corner though and Alexa follows up with a back flip knees first into Royce’s gut. Sparkle Splash finishes things off moments later.

WINNER: Alexa Bliss via pinfall

Post-match, Alexa bad mouths Bayley a little bit before saying she’s the next NXT Women’s champ.

Main event time! Some chick is going absolutely NUTS for Baron Corbin as he makes his way out. His opponent is the man he eliminated from last week’s battle royal, Rhyno!

Baron Corbin vs Rhyno

Corbin sucker punches the Man Beast to kick this off. It quickly becomes a back & forth affair, with Rhyno gaining an upper hand and sending Corbin to the floor. Corbin turns the rose by sending Rhyno careening into the steel steps. Baron is in control as we go to commercial…

…Corbin maintains the advantage as we come back to NXT. This has been mostly kick-punch-repeat so far. Baron locks in an arm trap chinlock (think sloppy Tazmission). Rhyno tries fighting out but gets caught with a modified Black Hole slam for 2. They end back outside and this time it’s Corbin who’s thrown into the stairs. Rhyno with an offensive flurry, he gets a belly to belly for 2. Some more back and forth, but Rhyno gets a spine buster for another near fall. Rhyno goes for the GORE but gets kicked in the face–second time’s a charm though and he drills him with the GORE but Corbin kicks out! Rhyno sets up for a third one but Baron catches him in End of Days and picks up the win!

WINNER: Baron Corbin via pinfall

Before we go, we get some final thoughts from Samoa Joe on Tyler Breeze. Joe plans on bringing the pain and disfiguring Tyler next week.

A definite mixed bag this week. It’s still a little surreal to see Asuka in a WWE ring; I’m anxiously awaiting match ups with her & Sasha, Bayley and a few others. She’s so unique to this environment and brings a totally different energy. The tag scene in NXT has been stale for a while now but I can’t help but like the tandem of Dash Wilder & Scott Dawson. They have a definite throwback feel and I can see them at the top of the heap sooner rather than later. Main event was kinda ‘meh’ and Rhyno already feels like old news in NXT. Corbin needs to mix it up with someone else now and continue to improve; I just have no idea who that next feud should be. Oh yeah, and you got James Storm. Nothing terrible this week, just felt like ‘a show’.


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