WWE Main Event Recap (2/10/2016)

posted by Billy Carpenter


From Portland, OR


The Social Outcasts are out to kick off the show this, as Heath Slater is set for singles action. Are they THE Social Outcasts or just Social Outcasts? Zack Ryder is Slater’s opponent this week and he comes out to very little reaction.Remember Survivor Series 2011 when fans chanted “We Want Ryder” during Rocky’s segment? Don’t worry, no one else does either. Anyway, let’s get to it…

Heath Slater vs Zack Ryder




Slater takes to doing a victory lap around the ring after getting the upper hand on Zack. Ryder responds with a big dropkick and gains the advantage. A cheap shot eventually turns the tide back to Slater’s favor but a backdrop gets countered via facebuster. Ryder heads to the second turnbuckle but Adam Rose provides the distraction for Slater, allowing him to knock Zack to the floor as we go to break…


…Slater working a reverse chinlock as we come back to Main Event. Zack hits a jawbreaker to escape but takes a jumping knee to the face for a near fall. Curtis Axel takes a cheap shot while the ref isn’t looking and Heath gets another 2. Vertical suplex attempt by Slater is countered into a neckbreaker by Ryder. Flying clothesline followed by a missile dropkick send Heath reeling. Ryder charges into the corner but Slater hits a leaping sidekick for a near fall! Ryder retaliates with a forearm shot and a slingshot splash for a near fall and this has turned into a cracking little match. Slater misses a shot in the corner; Broski Boot attempt misses and Slater gets a roll-up for 2. Slater looks for a DDT possibly but gets catapulted into the corner–Broski Boot connects for 2! Ryder with a somersault plancha to the floor on Axel & Rose! Slater rolls back in during the fracas and meets Ryder with an Impaler DDT to pick up the win! Super fun match between these guys.

WINNER: Heath Slater via pinfall


From RAW, Dean Ambrose calls out Brock Lesnar. So, has anyone else gotten the feeling that Roman Reigns has kind of been pushed aside a little during the build for this triple threat at Fastlane? I still bet the house on Reigns vs HHH at ‘Mania but I’m pleasantly surprised at Ambrose’s direction and time in the spotlight since the Royal Rumble.


Divas action on Main Event as Natalya and Alicia fox are set to do battle…

Natalya vs Alicia Fox



A little back and forth to start. Leapfrog by Alicia that she follows up with a nice headscissors. Nattie comes back looking for the sharpshooter but Foxy gets to the ropes. She is able to draw Nattie to the ropes and as the ref breaks them up, Alicia fires off a boot to the face for 2. BEAUTIFUL northern lights suplex by Fox gets 2. Fox is in control with a reverse chinlock until Nattie fights out. Tilt-a-whirl attempt by Fox is countered into a cross body for 2! Pair of clotheslines by Nattie before hitting a slingshot atomic drop straight to the mat. She goes for that step on your opponent/basement dropkick gimmick but something goes sideways with that and it just looked terrible. Fox is sent to the corner and goes for a split legged sunset flip but it’s countered into the sharpshooter, allowing Nattie to pick up the win!

WINNER: Natalya via submission

A fantastic mash-up of the Daniel Bryan tribute spliced with bits of his retirement speech is shown.

Main event time and this week’s featured bout features a pair of team’s seemingly thrown together by the CPU on Universe mode…

Mark Henry & Darren Young vs Fandango & Damien Sandow


Young and Sandow start. They go back & forth until Young hits a discus elbow. Henry in now and he splashes Damien in the corner. Blind tag by Fandango and we get dueling hip swivels from he & the former Sexual Chocolate. Big toss by Mark before tagging D-Young back in. Hard Irish whip by Fandango in the corner and Young goes down. Vertical suplex by Fandango as he teases a Sandow tag in. Blind tags exchanged by the two, allowing Young the chance to get back  into it with an enziguri. Tag to Henry who finishes things very quickly with a World’s Strongest Slam. Meh.

WINNERS:Darren Young & Mark Henry via pinfall


Henry and Young dance and gyrate to close out the show this week. Not the strongest show, although the opener was plenty fun and the Divas match was fine. Most weeks, this show is recommended viewing but it just wasn’t that this time around.


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