WWE Superstars Recap (2/12/2016)

posted by Billy Carpenter


Rich Brennan & Byron Saxton on the call this week…


Mainstays on the Superstars tag team scene, The Ascension, are here to kick off this week’s episode. Their opponents are Fandango & Damien Sandow, and it seems they’ve already dropped the gimmick of Fandango trying to steal Sandow’s cheers from Main Event. Damien still gets a decent reaction. Viktor & Sandow to start, trading go-behinds before Sandow connects with a back elbow. In comes Fandango who, after a brief exchange, lands a nice dropkick for 2. He goes for a backdrop but gets met by a boot and a blind tag brings in Konnor, who sends Fandango into the ring post shoulder first. Back in, a big elbow drop gets a 2 on Fandango. Crowd starts a loud “WE WANT SANDOW” chant. Tag back in to Viktor, who hits a jumping knee strike for another 2 count. Fandango fights out of a reverse chinlock, getting a nice sunset flip out a corner. He follows up with an enziguri and we get the hot tag to Sandow. He sends both members of The Ascension reeling with clotheslines and hits a discus elbow in the corner on Konnor. Off the ropes and a nice neckbreaker by Sandow is followed by the Elbow of Disdain! Viktor comes in to make the save on the pin attempt and in the confusion, Konnor hits a flapjack on Damien. Fall of Man comes soon after and that’s enough to pick up the win.


WINNERS: The Ascension via pinfall


In case you missed RAW or the recap on Main Event & SmackDown, the contract signing from RAW ends in destruction. Dean Ambrose calls out Brock Lesnar later in the show and promptly catches an ass-whippin’. Roman Reigns comes out to distract Brock and Dean hits the low blow on the Beast. Heel much?! Anyway, the former Shield brethren stand tall to close out the segment, kind of. This is literally the only match that I know is happening at Fast Lane too. I’m sure they’ve announced more (right?) but I can’t think of any other matches.


WWE celebrates Black History month this week with a pretty good video package on Mark Henry. Shame that injuries hampered him early on—that, and the fact that it took them about 12 years or so to figure out how to book Mark.


Stardust is out next for what I believe is the Superstars main event this week. His opponent is Zack Ryder, coming off a fun encounter with Heath Slater on Main Event a few days ago. Stardust gets the advantage with a top wristlock and then humps the ropes. Zack retorts with a “WOO WOO WOO” and a dropkick. Stardust retreats to the apron and sends Ryder into the turnbuckle. Side headlock by ‘Dust, but Ryder comes back with a hiptoss. Both men looking for the advantage and Ryder finally gains control with an armdrag. Stardust escpaes and goes for a leapfrog but is caught in a reverse atomic drop. Seated blockbuster by Ryder gets 2! That was kinda nifty. Stardust is sent outside with a clothesline and Zack follows up with a baseball slide. Back in, Ryder looks to charge again but ‘Dust moves and pulls down the top rope sending Zack to the floor as we go to break…


…Stardust stomping away as we come back. He locks in a double underhook before just shoving Ryder down for 2. Back to the double underhook, wearing down Ryder. Off the ropes but Zack comes back with a facebuster. BIG back elbow by Ryder, followed by a flying clothesline. Another clothesline in the corner precedes a missile dropkick. Far side corner, Broski Boot gets a near fall! Tornado DDT attempt by Zack is countered into a side effect by Stardust for another near fall. Zack rolls to the apron and is able to make it to the top rope. Stardust cuts him off though and hits a top rope superplex for 2! Hey, gotta give these guys for putting in this kind of effort that about 200 of us watch on a weekly basis. Stardust slingshots off the rope looking for the disaster kick but Zack ducks out of the way; Rough Ryder by Zack and he gets the win! Fun match down the stretch and Zack Ryder is the king of the ‘C’ shows this week.


WINNER: Zack Ryder via pinfall


We get a replay of (I believe) the entire retirement speech from Daniel Bryan, following the retrospective video package. This, of course, takes us through the end of this week’s Superstars. Man, this was an easy hour to sit through and I actually enjoyed this more than my normal fave, Main Event, this week. Stardust/Ryder was a good match and Damien Sandow is emerging from the shadows and is back on TV again. Thumbs up for Superstars this week


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