WWE Main Event Recap (2/18/2016)

posted by Billy Carpenter


Better late than never, right?


‘The Man that Gravity Forgot’ is here to kick off Main Event this week. Neville will be teaming with recent C-show MVP Zack Ryder in tag action against the ‘Cosmic King’ Stardust & ‘Prince Pretty’ himself, Tyler Breeze! What a team, eh? Breeze & Ryder to start. Face buster by Ryder before he breaks out that seated blockbuster for 1. Breeze takes Ryder to his corner though and tags Stardust in. A hip toss is blocked and Ryder hits a clothesline for 1.  Tag to Neville and he gets a sunset flip for 2. Enziguri puts Stardust in position for the Red Arrow but Breeze causes a distraction, allowing Stardust to launch Neville to the floor as we go to commercial…


…Breeze in control as we come back. Quick tags by ‘Dust & Breeze and they get the ol’ wishbone on Neville. Delayed front suplex by Stardust and he tags in Breeze, who goes for a cover and gets 2. Neville gets hung up in the tree of woe but evades a corner attack and makes the tag to Zack. He’s the proverbial HOUSE OF FIRE, hitting a missile dropkick on Stardust. Broski Boot connects and he gets 2, avoiding a Breeze splash before sending him to the floor. Reverse DDT by Stardust and he gets the tag to Breeze. Suplex attempt countered into a neckbreaker for another near fall, with the pin being broken up by Stardust. ‘Dust gets the tag back in but Ryder gets a blind tag to Neville before heading to the floor. Rough Ryder to Breeze on the floor! Superkick by Neville on Stardust is followed by the Red Arrow for the win! Fun opener.


WINNERS: Neville & Zack Ryder via pinfall


Paige is up next, looking for revenge against Summer Rae following the upset on RAW this past Monday. Summer has a mic and the two exchange words before the opening bell. Paige is all over Summer, sending her to the floor before doing a little dance. Paige stays in control until Summer hits a spinning leg lariat for 2. Hard kicks to the back of Paige and Summer hits a splits (!) before going for the pin. Summer in control for a few minutes here and Paige finally comes back with a series of kicks and a running knee, which gets 2. Summer goes for another spinning leg lariat but Paige blocks it and hits another side kick. PTO follows and that’s all she wrote. Decent enough but you could literally hear Paige call every single spot before it happened.


WINNER: Paige via submission


The Social Outcasts are out now. Fuck me, man. They’re not even ironically entertaining. They babble on for what seems like forever, even though I’m sure it was just a minute or so. Praise Jesus, the New Day grace us with their presence on Main Event this week. Big E lets them know that they’re booty and somewhere in this segment, the Outcasts challenge the New Day. We get that match after this commercial break!


Kofi and Heath start the match. He gets a splash on Heath and the New Day celebrate most gloriously in the corner. Mr. Belding is in the house! Xavier in and the Outcasts take control. Quick tags in & out and they are absolutely dominant right now. Kofi & Big E try and make the save but to no avail and the Outcasts take a victory lap around the ring as we head to another commercial…


Woods is back in control over Rose as we come back. Tag in to Big E and he hits snake eyes in the corner; quick tag to Kofi who gets a near fall. Unicorn Stampede! Kofi continues to work over Rose before draping him on the rope and tagging Woods back in. Dropkick on the ropes and Big E goes for a splash on the apron but misses. Rose trying to get to the corner and eventually he hits a HUGE spinebuster on Woods. Tag to Axel and he’s cleaning house—Perfect Plex on Kofi! Everybody’s hitting everybody! Axel looking for a rollup on Xavier but it’s reversed and Woods has the tights! New Day wins again! Woods, E & Kofi did their best to entertain but it just didn’t click tonight. Very ‘meh’.


WINNERS: New Day via pinfall


Well, this wasn’t the best edition of Main Event, but still a decent 40 minutes. Opener was pretty fun but everything else kind of dragged. Oh well, can’t hit a home run every time you’re at the plate.




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