ROH TV Recap (2/24/2016)

posted by Billy Carpenter


From the Nashville Municipal Auditorium in Nashville, TN…

“Mr. ROH” Roderick Strong is out for the ‘Roddy vs the World’ challenge and Jon Gresham answers the call this week! As Bobby Cruise is making the introductions, the always lovely Veda Scott comes out to try and bribe Jon Gresham out of the title match he has now so Cedric Alexander can take his spot. The answer, of course, is no…


Some nice back & forth to start. Roddy backs him into a corner and lights up Gresham with some chops. Jon tries to counter Roddy’s attack but gets caught with a pair of back breakers before we head to commercial…

…Strong sits Jon on the top turnbuckle as we come back. He looks for a superplex but a head butt changes those plans. Gresham comes off the ropes but Roddy drop kicks him on the way down and gets a 2! Strong looks for a knee in the corner but Gresham moves and goes on the attack. Jon focuses on the arm of Roddy, in particular the hand. They trade chops & headbutts and Gresham looks for an octopus hold. Strong counters with a fireman’s carry but Jon counters back into an ankle lock! He jumps on the back of Roddy’s knee (OUCH) before getting the nearest of near falls on a crucifix. Roddy eventually comes back with a big jumping knee out of nowhere and that’s enough to get the win. Another 5 minutes or so and this could’ve been fantastic. As it was, it was still pretty good.

WINNER: Roderick Strong via pinfall

Post match, a wild Bobby Fish appears and snatches the TV title from Strong. This leads to a mini pull-apart.

The Briscoes cut a promo like only The By God Briscoes do.

Tag action on the way as Tim Hughes & Bob Evans make their way out. They have the unenviable task of standing across from the ROH World tag team champs, War Machine. Tough Guy Inc. do their best to take down Rowe but come up short. As a matter of fact, they fare no better against Hanson and this is over in short order.

WINNERS: War Machine via pinfall

ANX comes out post-match to taunt the champs. In no uncertain terms, they promise to come out victorious at the 14th Anniversary show.

Kevin Kelly is with the Young Bucks. They discuss their plans for the 14th Anniversary show, which include bringing in ‘The Cleaner’ Kenny Omega.

From last week, Adam Page aligns himself with Steve Corino as he breaks away from BJ Whitmer and the Decade. Is there anyone left besides Whitmer now? Speaking of Whitmer, he’s going one on one with Chase Brown. If you don’t know who he is, all you probably need to know is he brought a cauliflower with him. This thing lasts about 30 seconds, as Whitmer hits an exploder and gets the quick win.

WINNER: BJ Whitmer via pinfall

He grabs a mic post-match but before he can get a word out, Steve Corino comes out. BJ doesn’t want to hear Steve talk and calls out Adam Page, who comes out of the crowd and goes on the attack.

ADAM COLE (BAYBAY!) is out after the break. It’s story time, and Cole talks about his upcoming title match against Jay Lethal & Kyle O’Reilly at the 14th Anniversary show. This, of course, brings out the champ. Taeler Hendrix tho…anyway, Lethal is ready to go right now and this brings out O’Reilly. It doesn’t take long for all 3 men to trade blows, ending with Kyle standing tall with the ROH title in hand. This came off a little flat and I blame Nashville. That crowd didn’t pop one bit for the brawl.

Main event time, as ACH & Alex Shelley take on The Briscoes. Christopher Daniels is out for commentary. ACH & Mark to start and ACH takes control with drop kicks for both brothers. It doesn’t last long as Dem Boys stop the momentum. Jay gets caught by a leg lariat and here comes Alex Shelley. Big crossbody to Jay. He takes out Mark on the outside before hitting a double axe handle on Jay. Blind tag to Mark off the ropes by Jay and Mark hits a flying clothesline to regain control as we go to our final break…

…Shelley fights out of a double team and tags ACH. He clotheslines Jay to the floor and hits the Get Over Here on Mark back inside. He gets caught charging in the corner but hits a FLASH KICK on Mark, who’s on the top turnbuckle! AIR JORDAN to the outside on Jay! Slingshot cutter back in on Mark gets a near fall before Jay breaks it up. Shelley cuts off Jay and they trade blows. Discus elbow on Mark but ACH gets a brain buster on Jay! REDNECK KUNG FU by Mark and clears the ring. Big exploder suplex on ACH. Shelley catches Mark with a face buster into the buckle and hits Jay with a superkick! ACH perched up top but Christopher Daniels is up on the apron with the distraction. Midnight Star misses and Jay rocks ACH with a clothesline. Shelley is held outside by Daniels and the Briscoes hit the Doomsday Device to pick up the win!

WINNERS: The Briscoes via pinfall

The Addiction is here en force and attacks Shelley post match. Daniels is looking for Chris Sabin to attack Alex but he won’t do it. ACH is able to pull out Shelley as The Addiction argues to close out the show.

Pretty solid go-home for this weekend’s PPV. Outside of the noticeably quiet reaction to O’Reilly standing triumphant during the ROH World title hype segment, I thought they did a good job selling the PPV. Some solid wrestling book ends the show this week as they pushed almost all of the program’s going into the 14th Anniversary show. Again, I would love to see Gresham & Roddy get 15-20 minutes sometime, title or not.


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