WWE Superstars Recap (3/4/2016)

posted by Billy Carpenter





‘The Man That Gravity Forgot’ is here to do battle with one half of The Ascension, as Neville goes one-on-one with Viktor. Neville using the quickness to take early control and almost decapitates Viktor with a backflip off the ropes. Nice snap rana but Viktor comes back with a strong back elbow for 2. Back suplex attempt countered and Neville fires back with a series of kicks. These guys are both layin’ it in this week. Neville looks for the Red Arrow but Konnor hops up on the apron. After dispatching of the Shah of NXT, Neville hits the Red Arrow the second time around and ends the opener in short order.


WINNER: Neville via pinfall


Highlights of The Undertaker’s return to RAW, in a segment that lasted just barely longer than the recent Miz/Dolph Ziggler matches. Seriously, what was the point of bringing him in for THIS?



Also from RAW, AJ Styles & Chris Jericho earn themselves a tag title shot this coming Monday with a victory over the champs, The New Day.



Time for your featured matchup this week, as Summer Rae goes up against Natalya. Still find it sad that the only role for Nattie these days is gatekeeper of the Divas division; she can do and be so much more, but she’ll never get the chance. Nattie stays one step ahead of Summer, countering everything thrown her way. She goes for a Sharpshooter but Summer makes it to the ropes and heads outside as we go to break…


…Summer send Natalya face first into the turnbuckle to turn the tide. She locks in the Indian Deathlock and turns it into a neat little pin attempt. She stays on the attack, hitting a clothesline & leg drop for 2. The rest hold du jour, the cobra clutch, makes its way into this match. Summer goes for another deathlock but gets kicked into the turnbuckles. Side Russian leg sweep by Nattie and she follows up with clotheslines. Slingshot atomic drop/basement dropkick combo and Natalya is looking for the Sharpshooter once again. They go for a spot where Summer goes for the spin kick and Nattie goes for the discus lariat but it doenst quite connect on either end. Summer does hit her spin kick and attempts another Indian Deathlock but Nattie reverses and locks in the Sharpshooter for the win. Meh. At least Natalya picked up the win.


WINNER: Natalya via submission



We close out this week’s edition of Superstars with a look back at Triple H & Dean Ambrose making a date for next Saturday at Road Block. Dre & I talked about the possibility of Dean Ambrose muddying up the current plans for WrestleMania on this week’s 4CR podcast. That does it for Superstars this week; if you fast forward through the stuff from RAW, you could watch this in about 10 minutes and even then, it’s still not worth your time this week.


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