Lucha Underground Recap (3/9/2016)

posted by Billy Carpenter




Marty ‘The Moth’ Martinez is at his creepy best, standing behind Melissa Santos and possibly smelling her hair as she intros him. The Mack charges the ring and their match is underway. Mack is on fire to start and Striker drops a Biggie line. Points if they did that to take place on the 3/9 episode. Mack gets sent to the floor and Marty hits a big dive over the top to the floor. He goes for a bulldog into the corner but it didn’t look how I imagine they though it would look. Marty misses a top rope splash and Mack comes back with suplexes. Mack goes up top but the light go out—it’s Sabuuuu! Not really. It’s what I assume is the figure that’s had Sexy Star so spooked the last few weeks. The distraction is enough for Marty to send Mack flying off the top. He follows with a curb stomp from the second rope for the win!


WINNER: Marty ‘The Moth’ Martinez via pinfall


‘The Moth’ grabs a mic and wants to introduce us to his sister, Mariposa. The segment ends with her kicking Sexy in the head before they walk out.


Great video on Fenix airs next. To me, he’s really coming off as LU’s next big breakout star here in the US this season, much like Pentagon Jr. last year.


Jack Evans looks to take a piss in peace but Drago shows up and kicks the lights out in the bathroom. They’re somehow still putting off light however, and we see PJ Black show up. A nunchaku fight breaks out, ending with he & PJ Black besting Drago. Just when things look bleak, Aerostar appears and saves the day. Yep.


Cage looks to take on Johnny Mundo but Taya makes her way out instead. She questions Cage’s manhood before stepping through the ropes. He tries to decline the challenge but a hard slap changes his mind. He runs through her with a big clothesline before getting in some curls, using her body for weights. He goes for Weapon X but she drops down and low blows him. On the offensive now and she hits a big tornado DDT! Double knees in the corner gets a near fall on Cage. She goes for a lead pipe on the outside and it turns into the worst mistake possible. Cage dismantles her with powerbombs here, there & everywhere. Cage goes outside and sets up a couple of tables; deadlift suplex to Taya through the tables! Here comes Johnny Mundo and he absolutely DRILLS Cage with the pipe. He & Taya cover Cage but it still isn’t enough! Mundo starts throwing stuff in the ring, including kettlebells, beer bottle and cinder blocks. Cage looks to curb stomp Johnny into a cinder block but Taya attacks. Cage took two bottle shots to the head from Mundo, which had no effect. Mundo shoves Taya into Cage and bails. Weapon X by Cage and that wraps it up. Good way to keep the feud moving, which I’d assume gets resolved on the Aztec Warfare show.


WINNER: Cage via pinfall


Famous B tells us how he can make us famous.


Ivelisse emerges from Catrina’s office and let’s Angelico and Son of Havoc that they have one shot to win back the trios titles next week. If they fail, they’re gone.


Mil Muertes is set to defend the LU crown against both Prince Puma & Pentagon Jr. Crowd is pumped before the bell. Puma & Pentagon Jr. work over Mil to start. They go for a double clothesline but Mil ain’t having it and starts tossing them both around. Pentagon gets thrown out by Mil but when Puma gets tossed out, he hits a tornado DDT on the floor! Puma tries to get back in and Mil stops him in his tracks. PLANCHA by MIL! This match quickly hits another gear and it didn’t stop until the end. I won’t even try and recap this move for move. There were exchanges in the crowd, dives galore and non-stop action. They did a good job of taking the 3 separate feuds and running each thread throughout the match, pairing off with one another at just the right times and keeping the flow the match. Pentagon Jr. & Puma would work together to take down Mil before going at it with one another, only to see Muertes come back and dominate both. Pentagon was rolling towards the end of this match, hitting a package piledriver on Puma. As he looked to break Puma’s arm, Mil rose up and took out Pentagon with a spear. He turned Puma inside out with a spear too and dropped both men with a dual flatliner to pick up the win. Awesome, awesome match and the first real “must-see “ bout from this season of LU.


WINNER and still champion: Mil Muertes via pinfall


After the match, Fenix appears and lays down the challenge; next week, he turns over the Gift of the Gods title and challenges Mil Muertes for the Lucha Underground title!


Best episode of the season so far. They cut down on a lot of the supernatural stuff this week and it enhanced my personal enjoyment immensely. They continue to build to a big Cage/Mundo blowoff, we finally saw Marty’s sister and we had the best Lucha Underground match of the season. If you missed the title match, find it and watch it.



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