WWE Main Event Recap (3/9/2016)

posted by Billy Carpenter





“Look everyone, it’s Tyler!” Tyler Breeze is out to kick off ME this week. His opponent is the MVP of the Network shows for 2016, Zack Ryder. Seriously, he’s improved a great deal and is putting on good matches week in & week out. Huge shoulder block sends Breeze to the floor. Breeze flips back in over Ryder but gets caught by a flapjack. HUGE baseball slide through the ropes sends Breeze flying. Slingshot splash back in by Ryder gets 2. Tyler fires back with a leaping enziguri, which gets 2. Breeze in control but Ryder catches him with clothesline that sends him outside. He goes for a plancha but gets crotched on the ring apron; OUCH. Both men go for a cross body after a few minutes of Breeze in control, sending them both down. Ryder up first and he takes Breeze down with a clothesline. Missile drop kick follows but Breeze fires off a superkick in the corner and covers for 2. Ryder fights back and hits a kind of standing sling blade for 2. Cool move. Zack looking for the Broski Boot but Tyler rolls outside to avoid contact. He hits a swank rolling lungblower that gets a near fall. These guys are cookin’. Ryder fights back and gets the BROSKI BOOT for 2! Zack looking for the Rough Ryder but Tyler elevates him up & over. Double knees to the face of a charging Tyler Breeze by Zack. ‘Elbrow’ drop by Ryder and he gets the win this week on Main Event!

WINNER: Zack Ryder via pinfall

Renee Young is backstage with Paige & Natalya. They take subtle (and not so subtle) jabs at each other before their opponents tonight, Tamina & Naomi walk in. They’re out to prove they deserve a spot at WrestleMania and will make a statement tonight.

Unfortunately, the Social Outcasts are here. The Ryback cuts the talking short, praise Jesus. He’s going one on one with Bo Dallas to complete the sweep. The Ryback dominates early but Dallas is able to take control outside the ring, sending Ryback into the stairs. He follows up with a pair of neckbreakers back in the ring and he’s actually mounting a little offense here. It doesn’t last though and Ryback mauls Bo with some ground & pound. Shell shock finishes things shortly thereafter. Ryback has now ran through the whole squad; let this be the end.

WINNER: Ryback via pinfall

From RAW, Dean Ambrose promises to win at Road Block.

Also from RAW, Shane & Vince McMahon spend some quality father & son time.

It’s main event time and Paige makes her way out. She’s teaming with Natalya against the remnants of Team BAD, Naomi & Tamina. Nattie & Tamina start. Paige comes in and they hit a double suplex for 2. Tamina is able to power Paige to her corner, tagging in Naomi. Paige hits a running knee in the corner, followed by a fall away slam that sends Naomi outside. She hits a diving rolling senton on Tamina on the outside and Paige stands tall as we go to commercial…

…Tamina drills Paige with a superkick off of a blind tag. Naomi cinches in a chinlock and you can hear Paige calling all of the spots.  Running face buster into the corner by Naomi. She misses a charge and gets sent outside, although she’s back in time to cut off a tag by Paige to Natalya. Paige would get that Tag to Nattie moments later though and she cleans house. Basement drop kick by Nattie on Naomi. She goes for the sharpshooter but Tamina breaks it up. Paige back in but Tamina sends her flying. Discus lariat by Natalya on Tamina. Nattie goes to check on Paige and it costs her, as Naomi hits the Rear View to pick up the win!


WINNERS: Naomi & Tamina via pinfall


Not a bad episode at all this week. Zack Ryder & Tyler Breeze put on a nice match that continues Ryder’s sort of ‘renaissance’ on the Network shows. The Ryback/Bo match served a purpose and the ladies had a solid tag match to close out the show. Not a bad way to spend 50 minutes, I’d say. Catch it if you’ve got Hulu.




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