Lucha Underground Recap (3/23/2016)

posted by Billy Carpenter




Fenix is confronted by Pentagon, Jr. backstage. He says the title will be his; Catrina makes her presence known and the conversation focuses on her & Pentagon going back and forth. He’s not afraid of her and she says it’s because he doesn’t know true fear…


It’s time for AZTEC WARFARE II! New Lucha Underground champ, Fenix, is out at #1. The second entrant is REY MYSTERIO!!! The crowd goes absolutely nuts for Rey. They go back and forth for 90 seconds before King Cuerno comes in at #3. He attacks both men, before hitting the Arrow from the Depths of Hell on Fenix outside. Rey follows that up with a sliding splash to Cuerno on the outside! Argenis enters Aztec Warfare at #4 and hits an array of superkicks on both Fenix & Mysterio. He turns his attention to Cuerno but Mysterio is able to hit the 619 on Argenis! Top rope splash eliminates Argenis before Johnny Mundo comes out at #5! Time for our first commercial break…


…Mundo rolls in as we come back and he sets his sights on Mysterio. Rey gets sent to the outside but Fenix hits a boot in the corner on Mundo. They trade near falls until the #6 entrant makes his way out; Joey Ryan! He handcuffs himself to the barricade outside while Cuerno & Mundo double team Rey. Cuerno isn’t amused though and hits a superkick on Ryan. Famous B comes out of the crowd and hands Ryan a card! Prince Puma is here now at #7! Springboard clothesline on Fenix! Running cutter on Cuerno. SPRINGBOARD SHOOTING STAR PRESS TO EVERYONE ON THE OUTSIDE!!! Blue Thunder Bomb attempt countered into a rana by Cuerno. Mysterio hits a seated senton as Jack Evans makes his way into the match at #8. Rey submits Cuerno with an armbar! Evans comes up empty on a dive attempt and the faces stomp him out. Mysterio hits Evans with a splash off the shoulders of Fenix. Mundo pulls Evans out and here comes Taya Valkyrie at #9. Los rudos gain the advantage until Cage makes his way out at #10! He LAUNCHES Jack Evans across the ring as we go to break…


…Cage looks to powerbomb Mundo outside but Taya breaks it up with a dive. She gets caught though and slammed to the floor. Johnny rocks Cage with a kick before throwing him head first through a window! Famous B still handing out cards at ringside as MASCARITA SAGRADA enters Aztec Warfare! He takes out Fenix before going for a tope suicida on Mundo. Mundo boots him to the floor but Cage is up! Discus lariat! Weapon X on the floor! Mundo gets rolled back in and Puma gets a standing shooting star to eliminate Johnny! Marty ‘The Moth’ Martinez out at #12. He takes out everyone in his path and busts out a nice wheelbarrow suplex on Jack Evans. Drago is here at #13 and he’ll enter Aztec Warfare when we come back!


Drago sets his sights on Jack Evans and inadvertently mists Joey Ryan. Back inside, Rey Mysterio eliminates Marty the Moth with a top rope splash. The Mack is here next at #14. Stunner on the floor to Marty the Moth! Drago throws Evans down the stairs in the background as The Mack and Cage battle inside.  Chavo Guerrero is out at #15 and there’s stuff happening everywhere. Drago powerbombs Evans in the stands while Chavo eliminates Sagrada with a  camel clutch. Rey sets up the 619 on Cage but Taya pulls the ropes, sending him to the floor. Johnny Mundo is back and drills Cage with a cinder block! Taya eliminates Cage! Fenix eliminates Taya with a German suplex! PJ Black comes out at #16 and he & Evans double team Drago in the stands. Drago with a backdrop on Evans to the floor before launching Black into the ringpost. Aerostar is here at #17! Springboard dropkick on Evans & Black. Brainbuster by Black on Drago. Top rope Canadian Destroyer by Aerostar on Evans! They both get pins, eliminating both Drago & Jack Evans! Dragon Azteca, Jr. is out at #18. He takes out everyone before hitting a big sunset dive over the post on The Mack! Texano comes out at #19 as we go to commercial!


Texano gets a dive to the outside on everyone. PJ Black tosses him back in but gets caught in a sitout powerbomb to get himself eliminated. Mil Muertes comes out as the final entrant in Aztec Warfare but Pentagon, Jr. attacks Mil with a chair! He drills him with a kick to the head before rolling him in the ring. Splash from the top by Rey and he & Puma cover Mil Muertes to eliminate him! Catrina loses it at ringside, yelling at Vampiro to “get the fuck over here!” She slaps the taste out of his mouth as Matt Striker wonders why the countdown clock is back on. DARIO CUETO IS BACK IN THE TEMPLE!!! Everyone stops and listens as he declares there’s one more entrant in Aztec Warfare; MATANZA CUERTO! He tosses everyone off as they attack and he pins the champ with a discus powerslam! The Mack tries a stunner that gets no-sold—nasty German suplex that dumps The Mack on his head and he’s gone! Aerostar gets the same and he’s out too! Texano tries to choke him out with a bullrope but he gets caught with a sitout powerbomb. Matanza is taking out everyone. He sets his sights on Joey Ryan after eliminating Texano and rips him from the barricade. A series of gutwrench suplexes is enough to eliminate Joey. Chavo, Rey, Puma & Dragon Azteca try and draw up a plan to take out the monster. Chavo attacks everyone instead, rolling Dragon Azteca back in the ring. He fights valiantly but gets after a big chokeslam. Chavo thinks he’s made a deal with Dario but El Jefe signals to Matanza to take him out, which he does. Standing shooting star from the big man eliminates Chavo! Puma & Rey back in now and they try the double team but nothing’s working. Mysterio gets launched to the floor and Puma is gone after a series of beautiful suplexes. Rey & Matanza are the final two and the crowd is HOT for Mysterio. Big clothesline stops Rey’s momentum but he won’t quit fighting. Enziguri rocks the big man. 619 attempt blocked the first time but Rey slips out and hits the second one! Top rope rana attempt countered by Cueto into a spinning powerslam; Matanza Cueto wins Aztec Warfare and is your NEW Lucha Underground champion!


Very well booked, well-paced and a joy to watch from the opening bell. They were able to weave multiple stories and continue to build them all throughout the course of the match. We finally got Rey’s debut, which came off like an absolutely huge deal. This was also a damn near perfect way to build a new heel; Matanza Cueto came in and destroyed almost all of the top stars of the promotion and is already a better villain than Mil Muertes. We know what’s next now for Pentagon Jr. and I’m pretty excited to see this feud with Mil play out. After a slow start this season, Lucha Underground has successfully made their show ‘must-watch’ for me again after these last few weeks. They’ve been hitting home runs in the main event for 3 straight weeks, including tonight’s Aztec Warfare. Absolute thumbs up for tonight’s episode.


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