WWE Main Event Recap (3/22/2016)

by Billy Carpenter



I slacked on last week’s Main Event but there’s no way I was missing two in a row! The MVP of Main Event kicks off the show this week, as Zack Ryder makes his way to the ring. He’s going one-on-one with another entrant in the IC title ladder match at WrestleMania, Stardust. These guys have had pretty solid matches on the Network shows over the last few weeks. Ryder fires off a dropkick and gets a pin attempt to start the match. ‘Dust feigns a knee injury in order to gain the advantage. Stardust in control but gets tossed on a tornado DDT attempt. Zack comes back with a missile dropkick and running forearm in the corner. He goes for the Broski Boot but gets backdropped to the floor. Stardust misses a disaster kick but is still able to cut Ryder off on the top turnbuckle. They trade punches, with Zack winning the exchange and sending Stardust crashing to the mat. ELBROW DROP and that’s all she wrote! WWWYKI.


WINNER: Zack Ryder via pinfall


Divas action time, as Paige makes her way out with Natalya & Alicia Fox. Her opponent this week is Naomi, who is accompanied by Lana & Tamina. Rich breaks down Lana’s WrestleMania challenge to Brie as Lana joins them on commentary. Naomi starts right away with the speedball kicks and gets a split leg drop for 2. Paige fights back and is able to get a fallaway slam followed by a running knee for 2. Naomi charges in the corner but gets sent to the apron. Paige drops her with a stun gun on the top rope but Emma’s music hits and she’s out now with Summer Rae. Interesting development. They attack Nattie & Fox at ringside and the distraction allows Naomi to pick up the win with a nice submission.


WINNER: Naomi via submission



Sin Cara is already in the ring as we come back from break and his opponent is THE RYBACK. He’s back to letting us know “it’s feeding time” during his intro once again. These two are both competing for singles titles at the biggest show of the year in just over a week, by the way. The Ryback uses his power to dominate the early stages. Crowd chimes in with a decent sized “feed me more!” chant. Suplex by The Ryback gets 2. Cara fights his way back and low bridges The Ryback to the outside. Suicide dive connects. Diving crossbody back in gets a near fall. Springboard moonsault by Sin Cara gets another near fall! He charges in the corner on The Ryback but is backdropped to the apron. Big clothesline buckles the masked man on the apron and the Shellshock finishes Sin Cara off moments later.


WINNER: The Ryback via pinfall


Ugh, the Social Outcasts are here. Curtis Axel & Bo Dallas are teaming up against the Big Show & Kane. Hmm. Thankfully there’s a commercial break and we may be spared the Outcasts promo this week…and they all have mics as we come back, so that dream was quickly snuffed. They talk about the Andre the Giant Memorial before taking this segment off the rails. Kane comes out and it’s the first time I’ve popped for his entrance since probably 2004. Show is out next and it’s time for our main event this week. Axel and Kane start the match and the demon quickly sends the Axeman to the floor. Bo Dallas tags himself in and gets a big boot for 2. He celebrates with the rest of the Outcasts until Kane shuts that down with a right hand, sending us to commercial…


..the beating continues as we come back and Show gets the tag. He & Kane tag frequently and take turns dismantling poor Bo Dallas. Kane & Show start arguing for some reason and the Outcasts are goading them to fight each other. The distraction lets Axel & Dallas get the jump on Kane and now they have control. Double suplex attempt reversed and in comes Show. He hits the Final Cut on Axel to win the match.


WINNERS: Kane & Big Show via pinfall


Post-match, we get a quadruple chokeslam before Show teases hitting Kane with the KO punch. They stare each other down as we go off the air…


Another solid hour from Main Event that actually featured a nice surprise with Emma returning to the main roster in time for WrestleMania. She’s fine-tuned her new gimmick in NXT and really is so much better since her turn; good for her getting another shot with the main roster ladies. Nothing to really go out of your way for but not a bad way to kill 53 minutes this week.


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