WWE Main Event Recap (4/5/2016)

by Billy Carpenter


“AWWWWWW HOUSTON!” Big E implores us to feel the power and admittedly, I do feel it. The New Day make their way out as we get underway on this edition of Main Event. Xavier Woods once again presents the last piece of Booty-O’s cereal from WrestleMania. This HAS to be leading into an angle where it gets eaten or destroyed, right? We get the usual New Day goodness, complete with Kofi Kingston giving us his best Dr. Evil impersonation. This week, they’ll be squaring off against The Ascension. As Konnor & Viktor make their way down to the ring, New Day make the best of the time they have by rocking out to the Ascension’s theme. Fantastic!


Kofi & Big E are repping the champs in this encounter. E gets a full nelson on Viktor and spanks him in time with “New. Day Rocks!” to start this off before tagging in Kofi. This is maybe the most appreciated that Kofi has ever been in his career, this run with Woods & E. There’s a case to be made for Kofi being one of the more underrated talents of the last decade or so in WWE, so I’m glad to see him get his time in the spotlight these days. Unicorn Stampede! New Day follow it up with a cool spot that saw Big E elevate Kofi up and over the top rope to the floor on The Ascension. Konnor & Viktor are eventually able to turn the tide on Kofi, kicking off an extended heat sequence. The Ascension being in control doesn’t do much for me. Big E eventually comes in off a hot tag; his “house of fire” routine has now usurped Titus O’Neil’s for best in the company. Lots of belly to belly suplays, tongue wagging and gyrating. Despite a brief offensive attack by the opposition, New Day is able to finish things with the…double Big Ending? Seriously, what are we calling this move? Fun opener this week, as the tag champs have a way to make even the most pedestrian of tag team affairs entertaining.


WINNERS: Big E & Kofi Kingston via pinfall


Renee Young is backstage with Paige. The former anti-Diva turned Total Diva references the time she & her opponent tonight, Emma, wrestled at the first NXT Takeover. They’ll be going one-on-one in the main event this evening.


‘The Lone Wolf’ Baron Corbin makes his first appearance on Main Event. His opponent, Fandango, is presumably present to remind Baron that a big win on the grand stage doesn’t guarantee success in this company. I almost get a little sad seeing the scant few folks in the crowd that still “Fandango”, causing Johnny Curtis to stop and try to get more people to join in. He’s unsuccessful in that venture. Fandango tries to take control after a dropkick but gets drilled with a straight right hand coming off the second rope. He still manages to put together a late offensive flurry, stringing together an enziguri and spinning heel kick. A stiff clothesline brings that to a halt and the End of Days closes the book on this match. There are those who like Corbin and certainly those that despise him; however, his first few appearances on the main roster have been pretty strong. Makes me kind of hopeful that they may use this Andre the Giant battle royal gimmick correctly this time around and use to get someone over.


WINNER: Baron Corbin via pinfall


Recap of Roman Reigns’ WrestleMania moment, dethroning the king of kings for the WWE crown. This is paired with highlights of AJ Styles becoming the new number one contender the night after, setting up an intriguing match at Payback.


Paige is out for this week’s main event. Her facial expression screams to me, almost to say that she’d sometimes rather be anywhere than on her way down to the ring. Odd booking over the past 8-10 months could be the culprit and Paige has even said as much recently. Contrarily, Emma‘s career has seemingly been rejuvenated after a prolonged stint back in NXT. It’s really been wondrous for her in terms of honing her new character and resharpening her ring skills. The announcer bills this as a match in the “women’s division” and just a little detail like that makes it sound so legit. They’ve done just a few things over the last 10 days or so and have made leaps & bounds in how they’ve presented the ladies of WWE. The women get to work and my  God, everyone in the building can hear Paige calling spots. She controls the early portion of the match, exclaiming that this is her “house”. A superplex attempt is blocked; Emma goes for a sunset powerbomb but instead just dumps Paige over the top and she takes a nasty bump on the ring apron. Emma works over the neck with full nelsons and a butterfly suplex. “Vicious” Emma definitely works for her; she seems pretty comfortable in the role and could be a player in this revamped women’s division. Paige comes back with a pair of knee strikes but Emma is able to fight her way back. She hits the low crossbody (formerly the ‘Emmamite Sandwich’) but can’t secure the win. Paige comes back and hits the Rampaige moments later to pick up the big win on Main Event. Good match to close the show this week. Emma looks good once again and Paige found herself in the ring with a worthwhile opponent. Lately, Paige has looked almost nonplussed to be out there; I think if she’s not the focus and in the title scene, she sometimes couldn’t care less. But maybe feature contests like this one will keep her interested as WWE figures out where she fits in this newly revamped Women’s division.


WINNER: Paige via pinfall


Easy hour or pro wrestling to sit through with this episode. New Day is always fun and the ladies put on a quality bout. Check it out if you have Hulu Plus or just wait a month for it to hit the Network.


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