WWE NXT Recap (4/20/2016)

by Billy Carpenter



Enzo Amore & Big Cass make their way out in what is, I believe, their NXT swan song as the second set of tapings from WWE Axxess gets under way. They challenged American Alpha last week to a non-title affair and Cass proclaims that on this night, they’ll find out if Gable & Jordan are S-A-W-F-T. Enzo & Chad start the match and Gable breaks out a series of moves that wouldve made Les Kellett grin. American Alpha tag in & out while working the arm of Amore until he can finally get a tag to Big Cass. Jordan & Cass face off as we head into our first commercial break…


…Cass & Enzo hit some tandem offense as we come back. Jordan gets a blind tag to Gable, who hits a big arm drag on ‘Zo. Gable & Amore knock each other down in the corner, but Amore gets to his corners and tags Cass. Cass & Enzo cut off the rings and work Gable over for an extended time until Cass misses a corner splash. Jordan is in and he’s FIRED UP~! Northern Lights release suplex by Jordan is a thing of beauty! Tag to Gable and Grand Amplitude finishes moments later! Fun opener and Enzo & Cass’ run in NXT ends as they head to the main roster for good. There’s really nothing left for them here in NXT; as for AA, I can legit see them on the main roster by late summer too. They’ve gotten so good, so quickly and have become one of the acts I look most forward to.




WINNERS: American Alpha via pinfall


Apollo Crews is ready for Samoa Joe in tonight’s main event.



Alexander Wolfe is taking on the debuting NO WAY JOSÉ. Not much of a match, just a chance to take in this new character. He sure loves dancing! He wins handily with a wind up right hand before doing a little more dancing. The ceiling isn’t very high for a character like this in today’s WWE, but it’s fine for what it is. NO WAY JOSÉ is in the vain of a Fandango or Adam Rose 1.0, where it’s nothing but silliness; sometimes, it’s ok to have that on your wrestling shows.


WINNER: NO WAY JOSÉ via pinfall



Nia Jax is out now for the first time in what seems like forever. Her opponent is Deonna Purrazzo and the match was almost over before I typed the first sentence. Nia proving she doesn’t get paid by the hour and makes quick work of Deonna, finishing things with a Samoan drop followed by a leg drop. Efficient!


WINNER: Nia Jax via pinfall


Bayley is backstage with Rich Brennan, letting us know that she’ll be keeping an eye on next week’s NXT Women’s title match with Asuka defending against Eva Marie.


Main event time, as Samoa Joe and a soon to be departing Apollo Crews are set to do battle. Neither man can gain solid control early on. Joe starts to turn it up after the break as he comes out firing. Crews fires back with some forearms of his own until Joe hits the corner enziguri. Joe runs through Crews before stretching him a little bit. Samoa Joe starts feeling it and hits the running senton for a near fall. Crews finally comes back with suplex and turns the momentum in his favor. Big enziguri and standing moonsault connect for a near fall. Joe comes right back with that gorgeous snap powerslam. They start trading shots and Crews hits a bicycle kick. He goes for the spinout powerbomb but Joe counters with an arm drag. Crews charges him in the corner but Joe hits the Uranage slam. Coquina Clutch ends things moments later and so ends Apollo’s run in NXT.





WINNER: Samoa Joe via submission


This was certainly a significantly better show than last week’s offering, book ended by a pair of solid match ups. Main event was pretty strong this week and the show as a whole went by a lot quicker. While the Axxess setting isn’t my favorite, this week’s show is worth checking out.





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