Sonic Boom! 25 years of Sonic the Hedgehog.

I doubt I’d be as big into videogames as I am without encountering Sonic the Hedgehog back in 1991. Seeing the Master System version of the original game and it’s colorful visuals and fast paced action drew me in, playing it hooked me perhaps for life.

This was enough for me to campaign to my mother for a Sega Mega Drive (Genesis for you yankee-doodles and canucks) of my very own. It was to be a combined birthday and Christmas present and given that both of those are 6 months apart that was a serious commitment.

Sonic 2 was my first videogame. Sonic 3 was the first videogame I ever completed. I watched the cartoons and read the comic each week and can still draw a passable Sonic from muscle memory alone. Every new Sonic game instantly earns interest from me regardless of the quality of the final product. It’s safe to say that I adore the franchise. Some of it at least.

Recent years haven’t been kind to Sonic and pals, so much so that this 25th anniversary year is in danger of passing without a major release for the blue blur save for a limp 3DS sequel to one of the worst GAMES is existence let alone Sonic games. That saddens me greatly, Sonic has been allowed to fester and rot on the vine as 21st century Sega can’t seem to grasp what makes for an enjoyable Sonic game anymore. It’s been left to long-term rivals Nintendo to do Sonic proud when the iron curtain was raised and Sonic joined the cast of Smash Bros.

Maybe someday I’ll be able to play another Sonic game that captures my imagination like those originals did so long ago but even if not I can always look back at a franchise that came to define a portion of my life with fond memories and revel in the good times I associate with it. Thank you Yuji Naka and Sonic Team for giving me such fun times and memories.


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