Woeful Wrestling Figures: Boresome-Bomb.

I think out of everyone in the New Blood era of WCW, Mike Awesome started the strongest and ended up the weakest. Recognised on tv as the ECW as he beat up Kevin Nash on the infamous “reboot Nitro” and helping Billy Kidman to put the one & only Hulk Hogan through a table a few weeks later to becoming “That 70’s Guy” and “The Fat Chick Thriller” in the following months, not the dream career trajectory for a man once revered for his sheer ” ass-kickery”.  Awesome seems to have been given the browner end of the stick in the merchandising department too if this figure is any indication.


Much like that used car you bought that turned out to be two halves of two different cars stitched together, this Mike Awesome toy is a Frankenstein’s monster of disparate parts cobbled together in the vague attempt to honour the Awesome one in hard plastic, but before the autopsy, let’s take a look at the bit this toy gets right.


If nothing else, Franken-Mike here does have a good head on his shoulders at least, if a little melancholy It’s the one bit of him that is actually his and it is a fair representation of the late Mr. Awesome even if his signature mullet does mean that all head articulation is thrown out of the window because of it.


That’s the one plus point out of the way, now onto the multitude of ways in which this figure blows. From the neck down this figure is a bit of a failure, it’s not Awesome’s fault of course, it originally belonged to Goldberg who ToyBiz saw fit to use as a stand in for a torso and legs. This comes with a problem though as the shoulders on this toy are mismatched, meaning that the right arm has a greater range of movement than the left meaning posing is severely hampered. The arms too are sculpted in a very odd fashion with outstretched hands (donated from a Vampiro toy an example of which I will be reviewing soon) turned face up meaning that the only poses Awesome can successfully hold are face-palms, stomach cramps and holding an imaginary baby, all fun but not very “wrestling” are they?


All of this wouldn’t be so bad if he had some wacky action gimmick to fall back on but alas, without such a gimmick this toy is not only a little creepy seen as the subject matter is no longer with us but woefully mediocre as a wrestling toy. It is cool to have a Mike Awesome toy for my cavalcade of crap but I almost wish it was worse so I could get more of a laugh out of it.

Thanks for reading.

Martin Dixon (@BunnySuicida)




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