WWE Main Event/WWE Superstars Review (9/14/-9/16/2016)

posted by Billy Carpenter


Breezango is here to kick off the show as David Otunga & Tom Phillips banter about the pirate shirts Breeze and ‘Dango are sporting. I still have some high hopes for this tandem; they’re so over the top, I love it. Breeze gives us the origin story on the sweet new threads but Kane interrupts. Comedy, or something like it, ensues but Kane grows tired of it all and goes on the attack!

Kane vs Fandango (?)

I’m not sure if this was supposed to be a handicap match or just a 1-on-1 but it didn’t really matter. Kane handled them both pretty easily, catching them in a double choke slam before scoring a quick pin on Fandango. WELP.


WINNER: Kane via pinfall


Highlights from RAW, as Sasha Banks, Dana Brooke (!) and Bayley vie to become number 1 contender to Charlotte’s WWE Women’s title.






Also from RAW, Sami Zayn has the privilege of being a guest on Chris Jericho‘s Highlight Reel.  I think these guys can have a solid program and look forward to their first match at Clash of Chmapions. Included in this clip is a cell phone shot to the head that would Paul E. proud. Jericho has been excellent recently and they can use this feud to naturally transition back to Owens vs Zayn again down the line.





Time for the SmackDown Live portion of the show, as American Alpha’s Jason Jordan goes up against one half of The Vaudevillains Aiden English. Jordan gets a go behind and goes for an early pin but English is able to grab the left arm and go to work. English does his best to take out the left arm, using a variety of moves to weaken Jordan. He pins the arm under Jordan and looks for a top rope splash but Jordan moves. Jason Jordan starts to fire back with a barrage of suplexes and THE STRAPS COME DOWN! He looks for a corner splash but Simon Gotch pulls English out of the ring. The distaraction causes the momentum to swing back to Aiden English. However, he’d get caught coming off the top with a half nelson suplex and that’s enough for the win!


WINNER: Jason Jordan via pinfall


Back to highlights from RAW, as Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson pick up a big win over the New Day as both teams head to battle at Clash at Champions. This is probably the most enjoyable thing I’ve seen from this feud; Anderson & Gallows dropped the terrible doctor thing they were doing and got back to being ass kickers. I also love how Xavier Woods has started to break out and actually show that he’s a competent part of this trio, as far as in ring work goes. He has more to offer than just being the mouthpiece: a Buddy Roberts with an actual moveset. Looking for Guns & Gallows to win the WWE tag titles in seven days time.





Kevin Owens & Roman Reigns battled in the main event of RAW and they show essentially the entire match to close out Main Event this week. Nice to see Reigns get pulled back into his program with Rusev, as there’s still plenty of stuff for those two to do together still. Owens vs Rollins should be one on one and will be a fantastic match at CoC. That does it for Main Event, now it’s time for this week’s WWE Superstars!
Sin Cara makes his way out to kick off Superstars this week. He’s tasked with once again going up against Braun Strowman. Sin Cara using strikes early but makes the mistake of trying a go-behind on the big man. He goes for a springboard moonsault next but gets caught in mid-air and driven into the turnbuckle. Braun firmly in control now, hitting a running avalanche in the corner. Braun wears down Sin Cara but the former Hunico is able to come back with a jawbreaker. Strowman dumps Sin Cara to the floor but eats a drop kick through the ropes in the pursuit. Tope suicida to the floor by Sin Cara! Before he can build any momentum though, Braun leaps back in and runs over Sin Cara. He finishes things up with his one-armed spin out slam to pick up the win this week on Superstars!

WINNER: Braun Strowman via pinfall


Titus O’Neil & Curtis Axel vs Neville & Darren Young


Young & Axel start and it doesn’t take long for us to get a’CM Punk’ chant. D-Young & Neville hit a double shoulder block before Neville hits a standing shooting star for 2. I remember when a spot like that would get a big time pop; now, it gets hardly anything. Move sets like that aren’t unique anymore. Anyway, Titus tags in but Neville is too quick, staying a step ahead the big man’s offense. Neville gets him down with a double boot and heads up top but Axel stops that. He gets booted to the floor for his troubles but Titus drills Neville with a big boot as we go to break…

…Axel tags in and takes control as we come back. Axel sends Neville to the floor with an arm bar slam. Titus back in and his taunting the fans & Young gets him the business end of a super kick. Darren in now and he’s LA CASA EN FUEGO~! Back suplex on the apron to Axel! Titus breaks up a pin but gets sent over the top via Neville. Axel misses his attack and turns into a rolling elbow from Young. Neville gets a shot in on Titus to keep him down and Young hits the Gut Check on Axel to pick up the win! Fun finishing sequence.

WINNERS: Darren Young & Neville via pinfall

Superstars ends the same as Main Event this week, with a recap of Kevin Owens vs Roman Reigns from RAW. All in all, not a bad 90 minutes or so of B-show goodness this week. I haven’t watched these shows in a few weeks and I was under the impression that Main Event would be the SD Live show while Superstars was for RAW. Did I miss something? If not, then that should certainly be the case. Two different shows doing the exact same recaps for RAW is too much; give Superstars to SD and let that be their recap show. All that said, nothing to go out of your way for but if you’re sitting at a desk for work and need some background entertainment, give these a go.


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