Ring Of Honor TV Review (10/15/16)

By Nathan Neumann

Hello everyone and welcome to another one of my ROH TV reviews from yours truly Nathan.  It’s been a while due to my schedule being absolutely insane and the fact that ROH hasn’t been up on new content as of late but we are back at it this week and hopefully I’ll be more consistent throughout the rest of the year because I haven’t written many reviews this year at all and I apologize for that.

The Bullet Club kicks off the hour with a promo after The Young Bucks won the ROH World Tag Team Titles as part of Ladder War 6 at All Star Extravaganza.

Matt begins talking and mentions that The Bucks are now the two time ROH World Tag Team Champions but most of us don’t remember their first reign because it was during a time where the titles were being hot potatoed on a weekly basis.

Matt goes on to say that the Young Bucks are the greatest tag team of all time, which I will be the first to disagree with, but I digress.  Adam Cole grabs the microphone and says it’s Story time with Adam Cole Bay Bay.  Adam goes on to talk about how the Bullet Club are going to win the Six Man Tag Team Titles he also says that Hangman Page will win the ROH TV Title down the line so that the Bullet Club can have all of the gold.  From there the segment ends.

Up next we see a pre-taped promo leading into tonight’s main event from Jay Lethal who says that his path back to the World Title starts with Silas Young tonight.

From there we go to the first match of the night.


Match 1
Keith Lee and Shane Taylor vs. War Machine

Thoughts: No kids this isn’t a rerun, as you remember the last show I reviewed which was quite some time ago started out with the exact same match but this match was the second one out of what appears to be a series in an ongoing feud between these two teams.  The match starts and War Machine wastes no time diving to the outside of the ring onto both Taylor and Lee.  Hanson slams Lee on the floor and then slams Taylor on top of him.  Lee and Taylor both recover and then begin beating on Hanson before sending him into the barricade.  Taylor runs through Rowe on the outside sending him into the barricade.  Rowe recovers and throws Lee over his shoulder before kneeing him in the head.  Taylor comes off of the apron with a rolling senton on both Hanson and Rowe and Keith Lee.  Back in the ring and Rowe hits an exploder suplex on Taylor.  Lee comes in and pounces Rowe out of the ring.  Both Lee and Taylor find themselves in the ring with Hanson who cartwheels in between Lee and Taylor before getting caught with a double choke slam to create a near fall situation.  Hanson and Rowe bring it together and hit an assisted pop up slam for a near fall as we notice that Hanson got busted open somehow.  Rowe runs into the ring and hits Shotgun knees on Lee, War Machine hits fall out on Keith Lee but Lee is able to kick out of it.  Hanson scales the top rope and goes for a splash but Taylor moves out of the way.  Rowe comes in and hits a destroyer on Lee to pick up the win via pinfall.

Match Result: War Machine defeats Lee and Taylor via pinfall after a destroyer to tie the series to one win a piece.

Match Rating: **1/2

After the match Shane Taylor loses his mind and begins to destroy everyone in sight with steel chairs before we cut to a commercial.

Back from commercial and we get a pre tape from Caprice Coleman who says he is confident that the Cabinet will win the six man tag team title tournament (try saying that one five times fast).

From there we go to the second match of the night.


Match 2
Leon St. Giovani, Shaheem Ali, and Jason Kincade vs. The Cabinet (Caprice Coleman, Kenny King and Rhett Titus

Thoughts: The match begins with Shaheem and Kenny trading holds before having a stand off to an applause from the crowd.  Shaheem finds himself in the corner of the Cabinet who take turns triple teaming him while the referee is distracted by Shaheem’s own team mates who are trying to break it up.  The action spills to the outside of the ring and Jason Kincade runs through the ropes and hits a diving stunner on Kenny King.  Back in the ring Caprice Coleman kicks Jason Kincade right in the face while he’s down in the corner.  Shaheem Ali receives a tag and comes into the ring with an offensive flurry of kicks.  Leon St. Giovani comes into the ring and hits a clothesline to knock King off of the apron.  Rhett capitalizes on Giovani’s distraction by hitting a dropkick to the face.  Kincade comes back in and hits Rhett with a flipping stunner back into the ring.  Giovani recovers and ascends the top rope and goes for a Phoenix Splash but Titus gets the knees up.  The match concludes when Caprice Coleman hits the Sky Splitter for the win via pinfall.

Match Rating: The Cabinet defeats Giovani, Ali and Kincade via pinfall after the Sky Splitter.

Match Rating: **

Fun match in a tournament that has some promise but I doubt the longevity of these titles.

Out of that match we head into the main event of the night.

Main Event – Match 3
Silas Young vs. Jay Lethal

Thoughts: The match begins and Young and Lethal both start it off with trying to win as fast as possible as they both trade near fall exchanges.  Lethal hits a hip toss on Silas and follows it up with a dropkick.  Silas rolls to the outside of the ring but gets hit by Lethal who comes flying out of the ring with a suicide dive.  Lethal follows it up with two more suicide dives turning it into a trifecta of dives.  After that Adam Cole joins the commentary table to get a closer look at the remainder of the match.  Back in the ring Silas hits a backdrop to create a near fall opportunity.  Both men get to their feet for a reset and are taking turns punching and kicking each other.  Lethal goes for the Lethal Injection but Silas is able to get out of the way, Silas goes to hit Misery but Lethal is able to create his own counter to avoid it.  Lethal climbs to the top rope and comes off with Hail To The King for a near fall.  Silas kicks out and comes back by hitting an Ace Crusher for a near fall of his own which brings Cole down to the ring.  Kyle O’Reilly runs out to ringside to attack Cole and they fight at ringside and eventually up the ramp.  Silas Young gets distracted long enough for Jay Lethal to roll him up to pick up the win via pinfall.  Back in the ring O’Reilly hits a brainbuster on Cole as the show goes off of the air for the week.

That of course will do it for me and another ROH TV review, fun show this week as it was an easy watch.  We are headed towards Final Battle and it’ll be interesting to see how things heat up, as we get closer to the final big show of the year for Ring Of Honor.

In closing make sure to visit both http://www.EyesOnTheRing.com and http://www.4CROnline.com the home of this review and many other articles from all of the other writers.  Also don’t forgot to follow both @EyesOnTheRing and @4CRadio on Twitter for some great wrestling content throughout the week.  Finally don’t forget to follow me on twitter @Headliner and until next week I am Nathan saying so long and I’ll hopefully be back next week for another dose of honor!


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