Woeful Wrestling Figures: Up and Atom!

I had it all figured out. A schedule of reviews planned, photos taken, subjects procured, I was on top of my game. Was on top of my game that is, until this wonderful lump of bootleg gorgeousness arrived at my door and shredded all my plans. Oh fake Adam Bomb, you’re bloody lucky I like you. Many moons ago during something called Wrestling in the Clinton years I confessed my adoration for the real Adam Bomb so I was delighted to find a figure of his, just not the figure I intended.


I started this weird journey through action figures past with no real expertise in figure collecting or lore so I’m pretty much learning as I go. Throughout my sifting through a well known online auction site a peculiar brand name crops up time and again, that being Mannix. From what I can gather Mannix has a reputation for churning out low grade potentially bootlegged versions of popular figures. I say potentially as some corners of the Internet maintain that Mannix actually purchased the molds to Hasbro’s WWF figures once the big H had no further use for them and pumped out souless copies of Superstars such as Hulk Hogan, Lex Luger, Razor Ramon and Diesel. I couldn find any corroborating evidence so for now I’ll be happy to continue to refer to Adam here and his ilk as bootlegs.


Good god will you just look at this thing. If Mannix did indeed buy molds from Hasbro they’ve made the atrocious decision to take a wonky copy of Adam Bomb’s head and slap it onto a generic body that is clearly too big for it, giving Bomb a pin headed look, and that’s not even the worst thing about him, least of all his sickly purple colour scheme.

As a perfect physical specimen myself (as far as you know), I find Bomb’s torso laughable. It looks like someone wearing a comedy muscle suit. I’ve never seen anyone with a 12 pack of abs before, other than myself of course (probably).

Weirdly this figure is so nearly okay, it’s the shoddiness that lets it down. Mannix so nearly stumbled on a great formula of a basic, playable wrestling action figure but the possible plagiarism of head sculpts, duff proportions and build qualities all drag it down to the level of a novelty. This leaves Adam Dud and his kind as punchlines to a joke no one told. Am I glad I finally got one? Yes. Will I get any more of them? Absolutely not. Nothing about this stands out other than the weird historical footnote they occupy but no trek through the wide world of wrestling toys would really be complete without at least one knockoff royalty like this. Job done, now for some more official crap.

Thanks for reading.
Martin Dixon (@BunnySuicida).


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