WWE Main Event Recap (11/15/2016)

posted by Billy Carpenter





Breezango are here to kick off this week’s Main Event. Such a fun act; the day will come that they’re in the mix for the SmackDown tag titles. They’re squaring off against a team who couldn’t be further away from the title scene, The Vaudevillains. Back story here is that English & Gotch are upset that they didn’t make the 10-man tag team Survivor Series squad for SmackDown, losing a spot to Breeze & Fandango. Tyler Breeze & Fandango still rocking the “fashion police” alternate garb. Short & sweet match, with Breeze playing face in peril for most of it. Fandango comes in to clean house in the closing moments and for whatever reason, it cracked me up to hear Tom Phillips call him “the veteran Fandango”. I feel like Breeze has been with the company (counting FCW) for just as long! Again, this was a quick opener, with the finish coming after Fandango hits the falcon arrow on Aiden English for the pinfall.


WINNERS: Breezango via pinfall


Highlights from RAW, as Cesaro & Sheamus team up against Kevin Owens & Roman Reigns. Sheamus took a pair of hard bumps here—one to the outside through the ropes and one over the ring steps—in a matter of about 45 seconds. There’s a crazy eyed dude in the crowd, sans shirt but making sure to wear his vest, that caught my eye and caused a chuckle. The Universal & US champs find a way to win together as they prepare to join forces at Survivor Series, all in the name of RAW.


Also from RAW, Goldberg & Brock Lesnar finally meet face to face (sort of) for the first time in over 12 years. I’m weirdly hyped for a match that I know is probably going to be a spectacle, at best. The bar is set low for me, which normally bodes well for my personal enjoyment.


Apollo Crews makes his way out as we get back to the action on Main Event. He’s got the tall task of squaring off with Luke Harper…this could be VERY good. Luke comes out firing some heavy shots and grounds Crews with a side headlock. They go back & forth on the ropes until Apollo hits a big dropkick, sending Luke to the floor. He goes for a moonsault from the apron but Harper avoids and hits a superkick. Back inside after the break and Harper is in control. He gets the black hole slam for a two count. Apollo keeps trying to fight back but Luke halts his momentum every time. Apollo finally makes an opening for himself after a single leg dropkick. Big enziguri is followed up with an even bigger top rope crossbody for a near fall. Harper comes back with a sitout slam for two. Harper looking for a powerbomb but it’s countered into an Angle Slam/shooting star combo. Luke will not be denied here tonight however, as a thunderous discus lariat spells the end for Apollo Crews.


WINNER: Luke Harper via pinfall


Back to RAW, as we get the 5 on 5 men’s teams from both RAW & SmackDown face to face in the ring six days before the PPV. I absolutely loved this segment. From AJ & KO going back and forth, to Chris Jericho putting “Chince McMahon” on the list, to Bray & Braun coming face to face; it all worked. For the first time in maybe a decade, I’m looking forward to Survivor Series. Some of the interactions will feel fresh again, there’s a marquee rematch 12+ years in the making and we have show changing implications in a few of the matches for both brands. I’ve said for months that the easiest way to revamp interest in this show is to bring back those traditional Survivor Series matches; it’s an easy way to make this PPV stand out amongst the ever growing number of Network specials/PPVs on the calendar.  As for this episode of Main Event, it was a decent enough watch. Harper vs Crews was fun and Breezango kept their little win streak alive. Not a bad hour of WWE.


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