WWE Main Event Recap (3/8/2017)

by Billy Carpenter




Jinder Mahal kicks off this week’s edition of Main Event. Tom Phillips reminds us that we’re less than four weeks away from WrestleMania and it certainly doesn’t feel that way to me. Curtis Axel is out to collect his check. I don’t know if he was destined to be anything more than a C show guy but you’d have figured the powers that be would’ve tried a little harder to make him a bigger deal a few years ago, being a third generation guy and all. But he seems happy to just be here, so there you go. Axel starts out hot but misses a dropkick, allowing Jinder to capitalize. Nice sliding dropkick to the back of Axel’s head gets 2. Axel breaks free from a reverse chinlock and gets to clubberin’ in the corner, if you weeel. Reverse snap neck breaker gets a near fall. Axel looks for the Perfect Plex but Mahal grabs the ropes. Jinder hits the ol stun gun and drops Curtis with the cobra clutch slam for the win.


WINNER: Jinder Mahal via pinfall


After the “highlights” from Goldberg vs Kevin Owens at Fastlane, we head back to RAW for the excellent opening salvo in the Kevin Owens/Chris Jericho feud. Jericho wanted to know why KO turned on him during the Festival of Friendship (and broke our collective hearts in the process). Owens makes his way out and tells him exactly why; he was nothing more than a tool to help KO retain his Universal title. Y2J lets Kevin know that costing him the Fastlane main event was just the beginning; he wants KO at WrestleMania. KO wants the US title on the line and Jericho quickly agrees. A brawl ensues but Samoa Joe quickly gets involved. Sami Zayn makes the save with a steel chair though and he & Jericho stand tall, getting the best of Joe & Owens. Excellent promo work.  Both men made their points and set the table as we got the long rumored match for WrestleMania confirmed.


Also from RAW, Goldberg addresses the WWE universe for the first time as WWE Universal Champion. They edit out the boos and “CM Punk” chants and cut right to Brock Lesnar coming face to face with Goldberg. Paul Heyman provides us with the spoiler, informing us all that Brock will conquer Goldberg at ‘Mania and claim the title. Heyman calls Billy Boy “Brock’s bitch” just before Goldberg gets planted with an F5.


It’s time for the cruiserweights, as Gentleman Jack Gallagher makes his way to the ring. He’ll be teaming with Mustafa Ali against Tony Nese & Noam Dar. Jack & Noam start, with Gallagher’s hijinx frustrating both Dar & Nese. Blind tag off the ropes allows Ali to come in and take them both out with a missile dropkick. We go to break but come back to Ali & Nese going back & forth. Gallagher tags in but gets dropped with a running back elbow off the distraction from Noam. They work over Jack until he’s able to catch Nese with a pair of crucifix pin attempts. Ali in now and he’s the proverbial house of fire! Rolling neckbreaker on Nese gets 2. Big tornado DDT gets another near fall. Nese tags in Dar but Gallagher comes in and fires off one of those nasty headbutts. Shotgun dropkick in the corner! Headbutt for Tony Nese as well as Ali tags in and hits the inverted 450 on Dar to pick up the win! Pretty fun match.


WINNERS: Mustafa Ali & Jack Gallagher via pinfall


We close out Main Event with one last return to RAW, as Braun Strowman looked to call out Roman Reigns but the Deadman cometh! The Undertaker returned to RAW and had a brief stare down with Braun before he takes off through the crowd. They share a head nod, which I don’t know that many people picked up on during the live show. It felt like Braun knew why ‘Taker was here. Roman Reigns doesn’t take long to come out and go face to face with The Undertaker; Roman had no qualms telling the Deadman that this was his yard now. As they both looked at the WrestleMania sign, The Undertaker let Roman know that it wasn’t his yard quite yet and planted him with a chokeslam.  The Undertaker stands tall as we close the show this week.


Main Event remains an easy watch. This week, we got a pair of solid matches and the big highlights from a newsworthy Monday Night RAW. If you’re one of the ones that can’t bear to watch RAW week to week, give Main Event a go. It’s worth the 45 minutes.


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