Action Figure Fight Club: Gotta Go Fast!

Given that according to the internet we’re all allowed to like Sonic the Hedgehog again thanks to the release of Sonic Mania, I think it’s time for me to come in from the cold and admit that I, Martin S Dixon, am a Sonic fan and always have been. Now that’s out of the way, I guess I also have to admit that I bought a Sonic toy as well, a very likely BOOTLEG Sonic toy. Oh god, what have I become?


This is a very nice facsimile of the Nenderoid 20th anniversary Sonic figure, Nenderoid being a cutesy, highly stylised cartoon figure line offering up adorable versions of Iron Man, Solid Snake, Batman and the like with loads of accessories and posing potential and are more squee-some than a basket of kittens.


I can’t speak to the quality of the original figure but the one I have is a lovely addition to the fight club. Cast in a deep blue and incredibly proportioned, Sonic is a little bundle of nostalgic wonderment thanks to the squat stature of the Nenderoid figure and some neat sculpting of Sonic’s signature sweeping spines.

This is a very expressive figure too, thanks to some thoughtful articulation and collection of interchangeable parts for Sonic. Both hands can be swapped out to covey a variety of Sonic’s famous attitude, including his trademark finger wagging pose. Sonic’s eyes and face can be easily replaced too for all manner of moods and one of his legs can be exchanged for one that assists in creating some dynamic running poses, all helped with a compact but flexible stand and armature.



Lastly, this figure also includes some fun accessories that are very welcome for Sonic fans. Both a single gold ring and glittering green chaos emerald that look ripped straight from one of the games can be held by Sonic or can stand freely thanks to two little extra stands for added shelf presence, as can a checkpoint gate post from later-era 3D games too. Sadly the one wrinkle in all this that betrays this toy’s fake origins is the item capsule accessory. This comes in parts to be cracked open by Sonic to obtain the power up inside and that power up can be chosen by you with little plastic slides bearing little icons representing shields, rings or extra lives, etc but while they are supposed to be able to be plugged into the base of the capsule, on mine the icons are printed upside down, so look kinda awful. It’s not a deal breaker but everything was going so well up until that. Gah!

Oh well, it’s still the Sonic figure my early 90s self would have killed for and it only took another 25 years for one to be made and find its way into my clutches. Good things really do come to those who wait.


Thanks for reading.

Martin Dixon.

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