Action Figure Fight Club: Swing when you’re Gwen-ing. (Revoltech Spider-Gwen review)

Never before has obtaining one figure managed to fulfill so many voids in my collection, even a knockoff like I have here, and that is quite a spectacular feat indeed. Join me once again in my capacity as proprietor of the Action Figure Fight Club to count the ways Kaiyodo’s Revoltech Spider-Gwen completes me.



The Revoltech brand is something of a legend in high end toys. The proprietary ball and swivel joints of a Revoltech toy are some next level engineering, offering the kind of almost limitless and dynamic posing that made taking photos of Gwen for this review an absolute joy. If you can imagine it, there’s an excellent chance a Revoltech can achieve it thanks to those joints and an array of swappable and expressive hand and face parts. Those add-ons are cheating a bit but I can overlook such things, I am a man of very flexible principles.



Knockoff or not, High end collector bait or not, merely having a Spider-Gwen figure fills a quite more basic need than any gimmick or prestige she may have.


For those unaware, Spider-Gwen is a recent offshoot of the classic Marvel Spider-Man world, taking place in an alternate reality where Gwen Stacy, the traditional girlfriend of Peter Parker in the regular continuity, was bitten by a radioactive spider and received super powers instead. This spins the narrative off in a ton of fun and interesting ways and it’s a comic I am a big fan of and Gwen herself is simultaneously adorable and tragic in equal measure, so having a little something to represent my love of the book on my desk is lovely indeed.


This representation of Gwen thankfully is lovingly rendered and painted, even this knockoff sporting vibrant paint to capture the character’s striking costume. The white mask and hood is complimented by deep maroon highlights and webbing, along the deep blue of most of her outifit and trademark turquoise pumps all stand out and add dynamism to every pose you care to think up.



Finally having at least a facsimile of a Revoltech toy is the realisation of a big want in my collection and I’m happy to report that even as a dodgy “Chinese version”, this is a lovely little figure that does my admiration for the character and my admiration for toy engineering full justice. If you’re on a tight budget and can easily turn a blind eye to the rampant copyright infringement, Gwen is a wonderful stand in for the real thing and doesn’t everyone love a bad girl?

Thanks for reading.

Martin S Dixon.

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