Action Figure Fight Club: The top 10 of 2017

With the dumpster fire of 2017 behind us and 2018 stretching out before us like an emotional obstacle course of broken glass and failure, the popular thing on the internet is a list of things to see out the year. This site is no different and it’s now time for me to unveil the best figures I managed to get my paws on these past 12 months, and not just wrestling ones either. These toys may have not been released in 2017 but I obtained them this year and make me feel all gooey inside. On with the list.

10: Ric Flair (WWE Elite Four Horsemen Version)


This is perhaps more of an honourable mention than anything else, but a classic version of maybe the greatest wrestler ever is very welcome, and with the added posing power of the Elite figures, this figure is very fair to Flair.


9: Suicide Squad Batman (DC Multiverse)


No figure collection is truly complete without a Batman figure and this one based on Warner Bros’ DC Universe movies is a fabulous recreation of the Dark Knight Detective. Perfectly sculpted to capture the dense physique of Ben Affleck in the role, coupled with some neat posing potential and batarang accessories, this is probably the best thing to come out of the whole Suicide Squad project.


8. Triple H (Mattel Elite)

Like Batman, every collection needs a good Triple H figure. The patron saint of NXT has had a ton of figures over the years but this modern iteration has incredible detail and joints but also comes with a badass cape and skull headpiece looking exactly like Shao Khan from Mortal Kombat. Flawless victory.


7. WWE Unlimited Booker T


The best rubbery monstrosity I’ve seen since Godzilla fought that Disney world Trump robot, Booker is still as comical and fun to manipulate as he was when I did the original review. He scales with nothing else, he dominates any display setting he’s put in and makes me chuckle any time I catch sight of him. Fabulous.
6. Nendoroid Sonic the Hedgehog.


Fulfilling a wish from my childhood, this highly posable, highly customisable Sonic figure was the perfect accompaniment to a year full of cool Sonic games releases too. Slightly loose joints aside, this cute, chubby little figure makes my inner child very happy indeed.


5. Undertaker (Elite Wrestlemania 32)


I could have flooded this list with Undertaker figures but I instead opted to give the nod to this one alone. Nothing gimmicky or remarkable to say, this is a playable and stunningly realised version of one of my favourite looks of my all time favourite wrestler. Damn near perfect.


4. Street Fighter IV Ryu (NECA)/Street Fighter V Ryu (SH Figuarts KO)


Yep, it’s a tie for two figures of the same character, each doing very different but equally great things. The NECA figure opts for chunky, stylised and big, heavy joints that clunk into position. The Figuarts one however is small and delicate, with smooth, gliding joints and lots of option parts. The NECA one’s bigger scale wins out for me when all is said and done, though.


3. Transformers Titans Return Hot Rod.

If wrestling figures are my first love then Transformers are my secret mistress. Since 1986 a Hot Rod toy was a bit of a grail for me, but some 21 years later, I finally hit the jackpot. Transformers are awesome in that you get 2 toys in one and here, a sleek futuristic super car with a tiny robot for a driver turns into a sleek, futuristic robot with a tiny robot for a head. That is an awesome sentence to type and guarantees high marks for Hot Rod.


2. Spider-Gwen. (Kaiyodo Revoltech)


Nothing I can add since Gwen’s singular review, just that she is still one of the best engineered and coolest looking figures I have ever seen. A Revoltech WWE or NJPW line would be mana from heaven should it ever happen.


1. WWE Mutant Brock Lesnar.


This is insane. The Mutants line is even more left field than the Zombies line from last year but by going all in on the wacky concept, Mattel made something truly remarkable here. Reimagining Lesnar into a 4 armed monster made of lava rocks and crystals is stunning design, and not scrimping on parts counts is awesome. All 4 of Brock’s arms boast all the posing possibilities of any other wrestling figure and that makes for an excellent final boss character in whatever fictional federation you run. It also seems that this figure is showing up in clearance stores now so if you can, I heartily recommend picking this guy up. He may not be realistic, but he is fun, and that’s what matters.


And that’s the 2017 list all done and dusted. Thank you for reading this and all the other posts throughout this weird year and let’s hope 2018 brings more awesome toys to take the edge off.

Martin S Dixon (@BunnySuicida)


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Thanks for reading.




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