Woeful (?) Wrestling Figures: Demon Daze.

Someone at Mattel gets me. Like, *really* gets me. There’s nothing I like more in my wrestling figures than the occasional absurdity amid the standard pursuit of realism. No figures best illustrate this than the WWE Mutants line. Taking wrestlers’ gimmicks to an illogical extreme is just my kind of crazy, the kind of crazy that earned a four-armed Brock Lesnar figure the top spot in my in no way authoritative top 10 of 2017 list. It’s safe to say I’m a fan, so imagine my delight when this beauty dropped through my letterbox. Say hello to WWE Mutants Finn Bálor.


Taking the body painted “Demon King” part of Bálor’s persona and running with it, this figure sees Finn transformed into a stunningly grotesque mass of teeth and tendrils seemingly ripped straight from the mind of Todd MacFarlane. I’m actually surprised that marvel comics haven’t been calling their lawyers given this toy’s resemblance to their Venom character. But they haven’t so I get to enjoy Bálor’s exquisite paint job and remolded parts on this figure. As a desk ornament he is absolutely perfect, the long tendrils sprouting from the hands reach out menacingly and the rows of jagged teeth lend a very demonic presence. This figure could quite easily sub in as a baddie for any other action figures too, tussling with the Power Rangers or Ninja Turtles.


As a toy though, he’s fine, just nothing special. These gimmick figures often use Mattel’s basic figures as a base so articulation is, at best, “there”. Bálor’s rejigged parts mean that he actually loses some posing in his arms, specifically his bicep swivel. This means that for my purposes of photoing, he’s frustratingly limited. There are issues I have with his arm tendrils being solid pieces of soft plastic and immovable but that feels like nitpicking. This toy is all about the style and looks and I am especially shallow minded in his presence.


My biggest take away from these obscure lines  is that someone somewhere gets the potential of toys to expand upon the reality of wrestling gimmicks. This figure is what I & I expect some imagine the Demon King in their heads when thinking about him and for those of us, this figure exists and I’m thankful for that. Is it realistic? Not at all but is it awesome? You bet it is!

Thanks for reading.

Martin Dixon. (@BunnySuicida)

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