I, Phantom: Metal Gear Solid V & Me.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is a videogame ultimately about loss, personal pain, self identity and our perception in the eyes of others. This is all set to a globe sprawling revenge epic taking in duelling private armies, the cold war, giant robots, viral pandemics and revenge. All for revenge as the promotional … Continue reading I, Phantom: Metal Gear Solid V & Me.


Action Figure Fight Club: Swing when you’re Gwen-ing. (Revoltech Spider-Gwen review)

Never before has obtaining one figure managed to fulfill so many voids in my collection, even a knockoff like I have here, and that is quite a spectacular feat indeed. Join me once again in my capacity as proprietor of the Action Figure Fight Club to count the ways Kaiyodo's Revoltech Spider-Gwen completes me.   … Continue reading Action Figure Fight Club: Swing when you’re Gwen-ing. (Revoltech Spider-Gwen review)

Woeful Wrestling Figures: Unscrupulous Aggression.

Up until now my toy reviews have had an air of joy about them. Nearly every one of those figures may have been terrible and sometimes strayed into the territory of being knock-offs but rarely went the whole hog and thus kept a certain amount of cheeky charm. The Prince of Fear was clearly a … Continue reading Woeful Wrestling Figures: Unscrupulous Aggression.

Sonic Boom! 25 years of Sonic the Hedgehog.

I doubt I'd be as big into videogames as I am without encountering Sonic the Hedgehog back in 1991. Seeing the Master System version of the original game and it's colorful visuals and fast paced action drew me in, playing it hooked me perhaps for life. This was enough for me to campaign to my … Continue reading Sonic Boom! 25 years of Sonic the Hedgehog.

WWF: Woeful Wrestling Figures 4:Vanilla Midgets.

So far I've been able to have a lot of fun taking cheap shots at cheap toys and although they are some of the most hilariously barrel-bottom scraping garbage I've come across they have the good sense to be inexpensive. One singular unit of currency per figure seems like a hell of a deal right? … Continue reading WWF: Woeful Wrestling Figures 4:Vanilla Midgets.

WWF: Woeful Wrestling Figures.

Written by Martin Dixon (@BunnySuicida). Wrestling figures are great aren't they? From Remco to Hasbro and Jakks Pacific to Mattel, wrestling toys have let the young and young at heart recreate some of Sports Entertainment's greatest moments as well as craft whole new ones completely from the imagination. Hulk Hogan versus AJ Styles? Easy, The … Continue reading WWF: Woeful Wrestling Figures.

This Week in Indy Wrestling

Here's this weeks list of great indy shows to catch in a town near you! (Credit: 1Wrestling.com) Wednesday, October 23RPW – 1106 E. Third ST, Dayton, OH – 7 pm – Facebook.com/RockstarProWrestlingOhio Valley Wrestling – Davis Arena, 4400 Shepherdsville RD, Louisville, KY – 6:30 pm – OVWrestling.com Thursday, October 24 HKW – 9505 Dennison Ave, Cleveland, OH – … Continue reading This Week in Indy Wrestling

CZW News (9/14)

Thanks to Nate Stein for sending this along! CZW 'DWTS' Saturday on iPPV from Voorhees, NJ; Ticket Discounts! CZWrestling.com - VOD.CZWrestling.com - CZWiPPV.com Facebook.com/OfficialCZW - Twitter.com/CombatZone - YouTube.com/CZWnewsThis Saturday, September 14, CZW 'Down With The Sickness' airs LIVE on iPPV (at CZWiPPV.com) from Flyers Skate Zone, 601 Laurel Oak RD in Voorhees, NJ. Bell time 7:30 pm.TICKET DISCOUNTS SPECIALS - Available … Continue reading CZW News (9/14)

8 Bit Bodyslam: TO THE BACK!

WCW Backstage Assault is widely considered as one of the worst crimes ever committed to silicon, an awful piece of design that accurately represents the creative & financial cesspit that World Championship Wrestling itself had become at the turn of the millennium. That's what popular opinion would have you believe and to an extent I … Continue reading 8 Bit Bodyslam: TO THE BACK!

8-Bit Bodyslam #2: The Outsiders

 They're everywhere. Wrestlers are part of the videogame furniture, not content to stay within the confines of wrestling games, grapplers can be found in a huge number of games. I blame Zangief of course, eager to prove Wrestling's superiority as a martial art he entered the 2nd street fighter tournament and opened the floodgates for … Continue reading 8-Bit Bodyslam #2: The Outsiders