NXT Live 9/18/2016: Thoughts from Ringside

Posted by Nathan Neumann Hello from ringside to both the @EyesOnTheRing and @4CRadio universes I am Nathan here to present something a bit different this week. It’s been a while since I’ve written anything for either site because I’ve been so busy with everything and haven’t been able to provide any ROH reviews so I … Continue reading NXT Live 9/18/2016: Thoughts from Ringside


WWE NXT Recap (3/23/2016)

by Billy Carpenter     https://www.facebook.com/WWENXT/videos/974225589293672/   Getting right to it this week, as Elias Samson is out to take on Johnny Gargano. Samson has more bandannas on his wrists than Ricky Morton in ’85. Also, he’s got some pretty fancy jeans for a “drifter”. Samson starts out the aggressor, working over Gargano. Gargano uses … Continue reading WWE NXT Recap (3/23/2016)