Woeful Wrestling Figures: Boresome-Bomb.

I think out of everyone in the New Blood era of WCW, Mike Awesome started the strongest and ended up the weakest. Recognised on tv as the ECW as he beat up Kevin Nash on the infamous "reboot Nitro" and helping Billy Kidman to put the one & only Hulk Hogan through a table a … Continue reading Woeful Wrestling Figures: Boresome-Bomb.


10 Spot: ECW’s Greatest Stars

by Billy Carpenter (@4CR_Billy) and Robot Hammer (@robot_hammer)   Welcome to another edition of 4CR's column built by social media, the 10 Spot! This particular countdown has been a few weeks in the making but it's finally time to take the 10 Spot TO THE EXTREME! ECW is one of the most fondly remembered promotions … Continue reading 10 Spot: ECW’s Greatest Stars