WWE Backlash Review

SmackDown Live makes a statement in their first PPV post brand-split. Posted by Billy Carpenter     Two months after WWE's second attempt at a brand split comes Backlash, the first brand specific PPV in this new era. The SmackDown Live crew was tasked with creating a memorable show, which honestly, had very little buzz … Continue reading WWE Backlash Review


4CReview: WWE Main Event (5/26/2015)

Posted by Billy Carpenter Kicking off Main Event this week is the Primetime Players(#URAHURAHURAH)! They're taking on Konnor & Viktor, The Ascension. Both teams involved in the upcoming Elimination Chamber match for the tag straps on Sunday, let's see who gains some momentum... The Ascension attack before the bell and are able to isolate Titus. … Continue reading 4CReview: WWE Main Event (5/26/2015)

4CReport: WWE Superstars (11/6/2014)

by Billy Carpenter (@4CR_Billy) The Exotic Express leads Adam Rose to the ring to kick off Superstars this week. His opponent is the recently returned Curtis Axel. Axel dominates to begin the match, just beating Rose down before hitting a dropkick for 2. Rose fights out of a chinlock but eats a nice knee lift … Continue reading 4CReport: WWE Superstars (11/6/2014)

4CReport: WWE Superstars (10/9/2014)

by Billy Carpenter (@4CR_Billy)         Superstars kicks off with the long lost Zack Ryder (!), who still manages to get a pop despite his current position on the card. Or more accurately,  his lack thereof. His opponent this week is the lone survivor of 3MB, Heath Slater. Zack is back to trunks, … Continue reading 4CReport: WWE Superstars (10/9/2014)

4CReview: WWE Battleground 2014

Date: July 20, 2014 Venue: Tampa Bay Times Forum (Tampa, FL) Commentators: Michael Cole, JBL, & Jerry Lawler WWE presents its second-annual Battleground PPV live from Tampa. FL last night. Was it better than last year's show?  Read on for recaps, results, reviews, and other words that begin with r from both the PPV itself and the Kickoff special! Kickoff Results Adam … Continue reading 4CReview: WWE Battleground 2014