The 2014 Awards

posted by Billy Carpenter (@4CR_Billy)   Welcome, ladies and gentlemen! The launch of this article just happens to coincide with the second anniversary of 4CR &, an accomplishment that I'm certainly proud of. This is technically the 3rd time we here at 4CRwrestling have done some type of year-end awards--the first being the staff … Continue reading The 2014 Awards


The 4CR Mid-Year List

by Billy Carpenter (@4CR_Billy) & Sam DiMascio (@concrete1992) We're already through the first half of 2014! It's certainly been an interesting year with some big moments, classic matches and more, but what's been the best of the bunch so far? Sam & I decided to give out some mid-year mentions and discuss some of our favorites from … Continue reading The 4CR Mid-Year List presents: The 2013 Wrestler of the Year Award

by Billy Carpenter (@4CR_Billy) With the end of a historically great 2013 in the world of professional wrestling came a plethora of year-end awards from various news sites, blogs, writers, radio shows & podcasters (I’m a little partial to this one myself). had plans in place for our own year-end awards but conflicting schedules, … Continue reading presents: The 2013 Wrestler of the Year Award

NJPW ‘THE NEW BEGINNING in Hiroshima’ Review

by Billy Carpenter (@4CR_Billy) New Japan decided to split up its 'New Beginning' show into 2 separate iPPV's this year. The first took place on 2/9 from Hiroshima while the second will go down on 2/11 in Osaka. Here's the review for the first of the 2 shows, which really was the tale of two … Continue reading NJPW ‘THE NEW BEGINNING in Hiroshima’ Review

“What If?” Episode 1

by Billy Carpenter This is not a typical post from me. "Fantasy booking" is something that we all do at one point or another and during a late-night conversation on Twitter recently, the idea and beginning of this story was kicked around between myself and a few others. For some reason, the idea of writing … Continue reading “What If?” Episode 1

4CReview: FantasticaMania 2014,Night 1 (1/14/14)

FantasticaMania 2013 was one of the first shows that Sam & Billy reviewed together for last year and now they're back to review the 2014 edition! The co-promoted NJPW/CMLL event has expanded to 5 shows this year,including debuting on iPPV! There'll be a joint review of the 1/14 & 1/18 show and Billy will … Continue reading 4CReview: FantasticaMania 2014,Night 1 (1/14/14)

4CReview: NJPW’s ‘Wrestle Kingdom 8’

by Billy Carpenter & Sam DiMascio On January 4th, New Japan Pro Wrestling presented their biggest show of the year as 'Wrestle Kingdom 8' emanated from the Tokya Dome. This year's version featured a double main event and also was the first time that fans were able to vote on the match that would be … Continue reading 4CReview: NJPW’s ‘Wrestle Kingdom 8’

4CR Grab Bag 3:Return of the King(of Memphis)

Welcome back to another edition of the 4CR Grab Bag. Don't know what it is? Well it is a just a bunch of random wrestling I've found on the internet that looked interesting and then decided to write about. Not a whole lot more to it.  So go ahead, read what I had to say, … Continue reading 4CR Grab Bag 3:Return of the King(of Memphis)

10 Spot: FINISH HIM!!!

by Billy CarpenterWelcome back to the 10 Spot, the only column on built by all of you, the fans & friends of 4CR! We’ve done lists for the greatest tag teams, the best of Chikara & more and this week brings another list that garnered a ton of response. Over the course of professional … Continue reading 10 Spot: FINISH HIM!!!