Woeful Wrestling Figures: A Little Pump ‘N’ Grind.

Alright, let's get 2017 started in the right way, with crappy toys instead of expensive fireworks, gallons of alcohol, nameless party guests and the ever-present threat of a social disease. Denial ain't just a river in Egypt. The Christmas season may be over for another 11 and a bit months but I come from the … Continue reading Woeful Wrestling Figures: A Little Pump ‘N’ Grind.


Retro Reaction #3: 1/19/1991

by Billy Carpenter (@4CR_Billy)   It has been a LOOOONG time since the last Retro Reaction, but it's back! For those who missed the first two, this is my journey through 1991, looking at what was happening in the 2 major companies of the day--WCW & the WWF! I've always had a weird fondness for … Continue reading Retro Reaction #3: 1/19/1991

4CReaction: 2014 Royal Rumble

by Billy Carpenter (@4CR_Billy) It's reaction time! Most of this was done last night as the Rumble was going on but wwe.com's streaming issues were almost unbearable. I missed most of the pre-show match as well as the first half of Daniel Bryan vs Bray Wyatt. This was my first time purchasing a show from … Continue reading 4CReaction: 2014 Royal Rumble


WWE Royal Rumble 2014 Live Results

Welcome to the 4CR LIVE Updates for the Royal Rumble PPV! This post will be updated after every match giving YOU quick, up to date results on WWE's PPV. Concerning the Royal Rumble, the entrants and eliminations will be posted as they happen as fast as I can get them up. Pre-Show Kick-Off Match WWE … Continue reading WWE Royal Rumble 2014 Live Results


Wrestling in the Clinton Years: Kicking the Legs Out of Legs

WWF Royal Rumble 1994 Welcome everyone to this special edition of Wrestling in the Clinton Years, my personal odyssey to watch & write about every episode of WWF Monday night Raw in 1994. If you're unaware of those, articles can be found over at my personal Tumblr site bunnysuicida.tumblr.com or by following the link on 4crwrestling.com, but for big events … Continue reading Wrestling in the Clinton Years: Kicking the Legs Out of Legs