WWE Main Event Recap (3/8/2017)

by Billy Carpenter   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lFVmYhipHA     Jinder Mahal kicks off this week’s edition of Main Event. Tom Phillips reminds us that we’re less than four weeks away from WrestleMania and it certainly doesn’t feel that way to me. Curtis Axel is out to collect his check. I don’t know if he was destined to … Continue reading WWE Main Event Recap (3/8/2017)


Woeful Wrestling Figures : Undead and loving it.

Now this is a nice novelty. Normally I review something from toyboxes of the past but this time I've got a pair of toys so hot and fresh out of the oven I have to wear gloves to hold them. I speak of course of the new kids on campus, WWE Zombie figures.   Zombies … Continue reading Woeful Wrestling Figures : Undead and loving it.

Woeful Wrestling Figures:Changing Faces

Come with me now on a trip back to the heady days of 2005, a time before the credit crunch, before selfie sticks and before Brexit with a quintet of my favourite figures I've encountered so far as a connoisseur of craptacular toys and serve as a perfect example of pre-housing crisis toy manufacturing decadence. … Continue reading Woeful Wrestling Figures:Changing Faces

Wrestling in the Clinton Years: A dirty phone call from Goldust.

By Martin Dixon (@BunnySuicida) WWF RAW, Monday February 26th, 1996. Hello and welcome back to Wrestling in the Clinton Years, here making a brief stop on its journey through WCW's 1996 Nitro run to return to its old stomping grounds of the World Wrestling Federation to see what's changed since I left at the end … Continue reading Wrestling in the Clinton Years: A dirty phone call from Goldust.

Pick & Mix: Thoughts from the Hutch

by Martin Dixon (@BunnySuicida)   Welcome to a little something where I've collected some thoughts & musings that really aren't big enough to fill a whole article, but I feel needed saying. So without further ado, on with the show. Surreality Bites When Triple H sat down with Michael Cole on Raw & proclaimed that … Continue reading Pick & Mix: Thoughts from the Hutch

The Suicida Appraisal: Wrestlemania XXX

by Martin Dixon (@BunnySuicida) I think I'm safe in saying that Wrestlemania 30 was a night to remember. Giants were toppled, the people's champion ascended to the throne by first besting "the king of kings", then overcoming collusion & injury and a streak was broken. As much a celebration of everything WWE was, Wrestlemania 30 … Continue reading The Suicida Appraisal: Wrestlemania XXX

Wrestlemania XXX: Say Hello to the Yes Era

by Shanna Harris (@AbsoluteSmark) Wrestlemania 30 was an epic show. From HHH seated at his throne, to Daniel Bryan crying looking at his newly earned championships, Wrestlemania 30 has earned the early distinction of being #1 in my all time favorite Wrestlemania's ever. I've seen them all, but this night took the top spot, and … Continue reading Wrestlemania XXX: Say Hello to the Yes Era

The New Guard

By Anthony Johns (@hailmegatron) For 30 years, Wrestlemania has been the immortal showcase in wrestling. It has made stars, broken hearts, and created history. However, for 29 years we have seen the usual in Wrestlemania. We have seen the Old Guard, the old noise, take center stage at Wrestlemania. The streak stays alive. Newer stars … Continue reading The New Guard

4CReaction: Monday Night RAW (2/24/2014)

by Billy Carpenter (@4CR_Billy) (photos below: credit wwe.com) HULKAMANIA IS RUNNING WILD AGAIN!!! It was mostly shilling for the Network, but hey...it's Hogan, back in the WWE. Awesome moment! Batista vs Alberto Del Rio in an Elimination Chamber rematch is up next. Batista starts off quick, mauling Del Rio. Fans very vocal in their displeasure … Continue reading 4CReaction: Monday Night RAW (2/24/2014)

State Your Case: Creating Your Legacy By Cashing In Money In The Bank (Week 7)

State Your Case: Creating Your Legacy By Cashing In Money In The Bank For years, Wrestlemania helped establish the Money In The Bank ladder match. It made stars, it created legacies, and he made Wrestlemania Moments. However, in 2010, WWE decided to remove the highlight Money In The Bank match from Wrestlemania and make it … Continue reading State Your Case: Creating Your Legacy By Cashing In Money In The Bank (Week 7)