Woeful Wrestling Figures: 2016 A Toy Odyssey.

Happy holidays Internet, 'tis the season to make list posts (fa la la la la, etc) and being the hack fraud that I am I've decided to get a piece of clickbait pie and try to put a full stop at the end of my fraught journey through this mad, bad and very weird year … Continue reading Woeful Wrestling Figures: 2016 A Toy Odyssey.


Wrestling in the Clinton Years: Big Wang Vader.

Don't call it a comeback. Hello and welcome to the first edition of Wrestling in the Clinton years in quite some time. If I can be slightly personal for a moment,  my break from this was due to a severe bout of depression that nearly claimed more than just my blogging hobby so in an … Continue reading Wrestling in the Clinton Years: Big Wang Vader.

The Hard Goodbye to Parts Unknown

Written under duress by Critical Bill (@williamrenken83) My six a.m. alarm goes off with the usual intro to Metallica's "For Whom The Bell Tolls," which snaps me to attention immediately. The challenge is to dismiss it before the heavy guitar kicks in. Two gongs. Not a lot of time. No worries, though, in disabling it. … Continue reading The Hard Goodbye to Parts Unknown

Retro Reaction #3: 1/19/1991

by Billy Carpenter (@4CR_Billy)   It has been a LOOOONG time since the last Retro Reaction, but it's back! For those who missed the first two, this is my journey through 1991, looking at what was happening in the 2 major companies of the day--WCW & the WWF! I've always had a weird fondness for … Continue reading Retro Reaction #3: 1/19/1991

Retro Reaction #1A: January 5, 1991

by Billy Carpenter Welcome to technically the second edition of 'Retro Reaction'. I say "technically" since I've decided to tinker with the format already and do a sort of "relaunch". Hey, if Hollywood can remake movies every 5 years...anyhow, a quick breakdown of the new format. I've decided for no real reason to start with … Continue reading Retro Reaction #1A: January 5, 1991