WWE Main Event/WWE Superstars Review (9/14/-9/16/2016)

posted by Billy Carpenter   Breezango is here to kick off the show as David Otunga & Tom Phillips banter about the pirate shirts Breeze and 'Dango are sporting. I still have some high hopes for this tandem; they're so over the top, I love it. Breeze gives us the origin story on the sweet … Continue reading WWE Main Event/WWE Superstars Review (9/14/-9/16/2016)


WWE Superstars Recap (3/4/2016)

posted by Billy Carpenter       ‘The Man That Gravity Forgot’ is here to do battle with one half of The Ascension, as Neville goes one-on-one with Viktor. Neville using the quickness to take early control and almost decapitates Viktor with a backflip off the ropes. Nice snap rana but Viktor comes back with … Continue reading WWE Superstars Recap (3/4/2016)

WWE Superstars Recap (2/12/2016)

posted by Billy Carpenter   Rich Brennan & Byron Saxton on the call this week…   Mainstays on the Superstars tag team scene, The Ascension, are here to kick off this week’s episode. Their opponents are Fandango & Damien Sandow, and it seems they’ve already dropped the gimmick of Fandango trying to steal Sandow’s cheers … Continue reading WWE Superstars Recap (2/12/2016)

WWE Superstars Recap (10/16/2015)

posted by Billy Carpenter The Real American, Jack Swagger is out to kick off this week's show. Swagger has been a highlight of the B & C shows recently, putting on some kick ass matches against the likes of Kevin Owens & others. Unfortunately for his opponent, the same cannot be said... Jack Swagger vs … Continue reading WWE Superstars Recap (10/16/2015)

4CReview: WWE Superstars (2/13/2015)

by Billy Carpenter (@4CR_Billy)       Byron Saxton & Rich Brennan welcome us to the show as Jack Swagger makes his way out for the opening match. His opponent this week--Titus O'Neil! (URAHURAHURAH) JACK SWAGGER vs TITUS O'NEIL Swagger gets the early advantage, getting a go-behind and paint brushing Titus. Swagger hits a belly … Continue reading 4CReview: WWE Superstars (2/13/2015)

The 2014 4CRwrestling.com Awards

posted by Billy Carpenter (@4CR_Billy)   Welcome, ladies and gentlemen! The launch of this article just happens to coincide with the second anniversary of 4CR & 4CRwrestling.com, an accomplishment that I'm certainly proud of. This is technically the 3rd time we here at 4CRwrestling have done some type of year-end awards--the first being the staff … Continue reading The 2014 4CRwrestling.com Awards

4CReport: WWE Superstars (10/23/2014)

by Billy Carpenter (@4CR_Billy)   Kofi Kingston is out to kick off Superstars this week. His opponent is Tyson Kidd--this could be a fun match. Tyson attacks first, but a dropkick from Kofi gets 2. Corner charge and Tyson gets the boot up and regains the advantage. Nifty nip-up headscissors by Kofi and Tyson heads … Continue reading 4CReport: WWE Superstars (10/23/2014)

4CReport: WWE Superstars (10/9/2014)

by Billy Carpenter (@4CR_Billy)         Superstars kicks off with the long lost Zack Ryder (!), who still manages to get a pop despite his current position on the card. Or more accurately,  his lack thereof. His opponent this week is the lone survivor of 3MB, Heath Slater. Zack is back to trunks, … Continue reading 4CReport: WWE Superstars (10/9/2014)

4CReview: WWE Superstars (7/3/2014)

by Billy Carpenter (@4CR_Billy)     Big E makes his way out to kick off the show this week. But the big news here is the lovely Renée Young is making her broadcast debut on the show!     Titus O'Neil is out next and we get the next chapter in the biggest feud on … Continue reading 4CReview: WWE Superstars (7/3/2014)

4CReview: WWE Superstars (6/19/14)

Superstars kicks off with Nikki Bella making her way out to the ring. Her opponent this week is Alicia Fox. Might be a decent little match to start things off. Nikki Bella vs Alicia Fox Nikki goes right after Fox with a Thesz press before going to work on the arm. Hip toss followed by … Continue reading 4CReview: WWE Superstars (6/19/14)